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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The CPS criminal conspiracy involves CPS, the County, the county council, the Superior Court, the Juvenile court (part of the Superior court), law enforcement, attorneys and CPS providers. Most of the people involved do not even know that they are criminals and believe that they are in fact doing the right thing and saving the world from you terrible abusive parents. Usually only a few really moral degenerates at the top, mainly in the courts (judges), know what is really going on. All the rest are dupes and zombies (sheeples gone bad) just doing what they are told and believing it is right because the government told them it was OK and of course the government cannot be wrong.
They do not have a conscience left and cannot tell right from wrong.
The ones who start out working for this CPS conspiracy who have any moral values do not last long. They will soon leave as they cannot be involved with such despicable activities. The ones who stay for a while and try to change and improve things will be slowly terminated by their superiors who will not allow the truth to come out and look at them as dangerous. So what you have left is a group who has low moral values, little real self esteem, cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, usually do not believe in God, and are followers not leaders. They are zombies following what the government tells them to do. There is no difference between them and the Nazis of WW II. If they can steal children and destroy families all day long they can do anything the government tells them to do. Give them a gun and they can easily become assassins and exterminators of the useless eaters (we the people) because the government said it was alright.
Trying to tell these people that what they are doing is wrong and criminal is a total waste of time. They are taught that people who say this are the criminals and need to be straightened out and are not taking responsibility for their actions. Now, “we the people” Americans, have been labeled terrorist by the government. We the people have actually been “foreign enemies” to the government since 1938. The only way the people involved with the CPS criminal conspiracy are going to change is by force. They are legal ways to do this and this will be discussed later.
Another description of these people “public servants” does not apply any longer and has not for several years. These people are not public servants. They are told that they are the masters over the people who are subjects of the government and need to be controlled. They are taught to take control over the people any way they can and use any means they can like: lying; cheating, false allegation; fraud; deception; planting
evidence, anything they can. These people are not your friends. They are even taught how to win your confidence so you think they are your friends and believe that they are really trying to help you and are trying to get your children back. This is a ploy (carrot in front of the horse) to keep you going down farther into their trap with the hope you will get your children back while you sign away your rights at ever hearing so at the end you have nothing and they take your children. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!! They are the slime and pond scum of the earth. No insult intended for the slim and scum.
What has really happened over the last several years is that the criminals have taken over the government. They use morally bankrupt and low mentality people from the herd of sheeple as minions to do their dirty work while they plunder billions of dollars from the people each year.
The criminals have made the government a secret combination that operates behind a wall of secrecy using any means possible to keep their fraud and plundering going and hidden. These results in the people you deal with in this criminal conspiracy being total psychopathic liars. I mean liars that will not admit the truth under any circumstances even until the threat of death. Therefore, they will uphold the fraud even if it is exposed. Why? Because they are zombie minions and non thinkers and only do what they are told by the government.
This criminal secret combination is very hard to deal with. Anything you do that is not what they want or any truth you expose will be ignored. They do not even try to rebut anything. They just ignore anything they do not like or try and flip it around to make you look like you are crazy and wrong. Just try and get anything out of them, like what rights do they have to steal my children. They will just ignore you and will just keep going ahead with their kidnapping, like you do not exist. Why do they do this? They do it because they have no authority and right to do it and cannot prove their claims so they just ignore you. They will then try and divert your attentions away from this by accusing you of something and pressuring you and putting you under extreme duress by keeping your children.
The judge might threaten you with jail time if you do not consent to CPS claims. CPS will make up even more outrageous false allegations about you to burry you in false accusations so deep you will feel you are doomed and can never get out. Even your family (the good sheeple that they are) will call you crazy because you want to fight CPS. “CPS is the law you have to obey them!” They will scream at you saying that the only way to get your child back is to work with CPS. The pressure is horrendous as CPS is using your children as leverage to force you to comply and 95% of the people
succumb and are sucked down into the CPS trap and lose their children anyway. Fight or you will lose your children anyway after a year or two of torture and pure hell.
We have been taught in government run schools that we must be good little boys and girls (sheeple) and do what our authorities tell us and to never question them. This is probably your mentality also and will be hard to go against as you unconsciously feel that you must conform and comply with CPS wishes and demand or you are a bad person (little boy or girl sheeple) and are breaking the law. Overcoming this brainwashing will be one of the most difficult things that you do, if you can do it at all. Until you can do this you are doomed and will not be able to see the criminals for what they are and what they are really doing to you and your children and they will be able to tick you into voluntarily giving up your children without you even knowing it.
You will have a hard time believing this yourself as you will constantly come back to the thought that this cannot happen in America and it must be wrong and our government would never do this to us. WRONG!!! It is true and the “government” has become criminal and is right on the edge of becoming totally lawless and in many areas are already there. ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THIS SCAM ARE CRIMINALS AND THEY ARE STEALING YOU CHILDREN. IT IS AS PLAIN AND SIMPLE AS THAT!!!
How can you fight against this huge wall of lies, fraud and deceptions? First, it will take a lot of guts to resist the full force attack on you by everyone involved including your family in most cases. If you do this at the first hearing it is easier. It gets tougher after each hearing.
The only way to beat CPS will be to not agree or consent to anything they do or say. Sign nothing no matter what they tell you. In reality and in the law, they have no authority to do what they are doing and they must get your consent or it is over. If you do not consent they will do anything they can to force you to do so even the threat of jail time.
This is what you keep saying over and over as long as it takes for them to give up. “I am a natural man or woman and I do not consent or agree to anything you are saying or doing.” Over and over again. If the judge threatens you contempt of court just say “I am a natural man or woman and I do not consent or agree to anything you are saying or doing.” Do not agree with the Judge or you are toast! He will try and trick you into agreeing so watch out what for what he is saying. Even if he were to say I will not hold you in contempt of court if you agree, just say again, “I am a natural man or woman and I do not consent or agree to anything you are saying or doing.” Even if they throw you in jail for a night just keep saying “I am a natural man or woman and I do not consent or agree to anything you are saying or doing.” By doing this they have no authority over you and will usually let you out the next day and dismiss the case. I say usually,
because there are courts and judges that are more criminal than others and they can continue to break the law until force to stop. Remember, they will never admit they are criminals and they are wrong. They will never tell you what they are doing. If they dismiss the case because you do not consent it will just happen with no explanation at all.
This is where the Admiralty Counterclaim comes in as a way to stop the CPS criminal conspiracy. This claim needs to be filed immediately into the case before the hearing so the Judge knows that you have teeth and are going to bite them if necessary. Of course they will make you feel like you are crazy and will say Admiralty law, that’s for ships and has no bearing in this case. WRONG! Remember they are a secret criminal combination and will either ignore you or lie to try and cast doubt in your mind.
The Admiralty Counterclaim process can be entered into to any law suit and will be covered in another article. Its purpose is to expose their fraud and they will all admit that they are guilty and are acting as a criminal conspiracy. This also allows you to file a Federal complaint or Injunction to stop the CPS criminal conspiracy. The Federal court is usually much less criminal than the Superior courts which are all totally criminal now. The Federal courts are usually judicial courts and are bound to uphold the law and your constitutional rights and do not usual perpetrate the blatant frauds commonly done in the Superior courts. In other words, you have a much better chance in Federal court of stopping CPS.

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