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Friday, September 23, 2011

Falsely accused of physical or sexual abuse?

How to Win Your Case

Child Abuse: Victims of False Allegations Part 1

Child Abuse: Victims of False Allegations Part 2

Child Abuse: Victims of False Allegations Part 3

You need to contact a specialist right away!

Our chief litigator is a Ph.D. clinical psychologist and honors graduate of a private Jesuit law school. He is a nationally-recognized expert with 40+ years of experience in defending those falsely accused of abuse.

Expert in a Wide Variety of False Accusations

Almost 30 years ago, our trial team leader began his work in this area as an expert witness for Child Protective Services. He eventually became so upset with the manner in which children and families were represented in court that he retired and went to law school. He is now a noted expert in such areas as false allegations of child abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, child molestation, shaken baby syndrome, Munchhausen Syndrome by proxy, as well as junk science.

Criminal Defense Attorney, Psychologist, Author

Besides his success as a criminal defense attorney, our chief litigator is a WEST Group Key Author and teaches lawyers and judges about the intersection of science and the law. His published texts in this area are used to educate attorneys and mental health experts across the country.

National Presence

Besides being a member of the Sixth, Ninth, and Eleventh Federal Circuits as well as the Bar of the United States Supreme Court, our trial team leader maintains state bar memberships in Michigan, California,What should you do?New York, Washington, D.C. and Tennessee. In addition, he is a licensed psychologist in both Michigan and California.

Resources for Those Falsely Accused of Abuse

This site as been designed as an informational tool for both those who have been falsely accused of physical or sexual abuse and for the criminal defense attorneys who will be defending them. The following is a topical breakdown of that information in the form of clickable links:

What should you do?

Immediately contact an attorney who specializes in cases involving false accusations of abuse. Make sure that your attorney and investigator have a plan of action. Some attorneys will do little and recommend a plea bargain. Your attorney can help you prearrange bail so that, if possbile, you can avoid spending any time at all in jail if arrested. People accused of abuse are targets for jailhouse beatings. Do not tell another inmate what you are charged with!

Under no circumstances should you talk about your case with anyone (police detectives, clergy, doctor, therapist, friends, social workers, state agencies, or parents) until you have retained an attorney. Your statements to these individuals are not privileged (i.e. confidential).

Do not rely on the police.

In a false allegations of abuse case, do not rely on the police investigation to uncover the facts. Your only hope of proving your innocence is having a defense investigator discover and protect important defense evidence before it is lost.

If called by the accuser or a family member of the accuser, hang up immediately. The call may be taped by the police, and any statement you make can be taken out of context and used against you to build a case.

Use a regular phone when speaking to your attorney and/or investigator. Portable phones and mobile phones can be monitored.

Be prepared for a search.

Be prepared for a search of your house, car, or even your workplace. The police most often look for pictures of children, books and magazines with sexual material, sex toys, sex manuals or encyclopedias, diaries, correspondence, or address books. Address books and correspondence are used to contact anyone you know, including your employer. They may also look for any private notes on your case that are not clearly marked "Attorney/Client Work Product."

Should your house be searched, you have no right to interfere. Call your attorney during the search and do not engage in any conversation with the police.

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