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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Amen to that!!! CPS is a total criminal conspiracy that kidnap’s children for profit. CPS gets paid by the Feds thousands of dollars in bonuses to adopt out children and thousands more a month in maintenance fees per child. They can also get paid up to $150,000 from parents wanting to adopt a child. CPS is the greatest abuser of children in the world. How do they get a way it? Easy they lie and deceive the public by smoke and mirrors deceptions. For example, CPS rips children from their homes because they are protecting them. Right? That is what the public thinks. Wrong! In reality, 95%of the children stolen from their parents should have never been taken In the first place. CPS can take a child for any reason they want as all they have to say is the child “might have been hurt”. Ripping a child from its family is nothing less than torture and major abuse and is purely criminal. Children have a 6 times higher chance of being abused or even killed in a foster home than in their own home. So once CPS nabs a child they are abused much worse than they would have ever been in their own home except for a few extreme cases (5%). CPS hides behind its false front of caring for children. They do not care about the children. They are so corrupt now, that child selling by CPS has become an industry employing thousands of attorney, counselors, foster parents, etc. all sucking off money generated by stealing children. The juvenile court system is just as corrupt as CPS. They are there for one reason only. That is to terminate your parental rights so CPS can steal your children (Legally). Juvenile court is the biggest farce and sham ever created by wicked attorney’s. It is not a court of law. It is a court of deceptions. There is no due process only a sham to trick you into signing away your parental rights. Every person working for CPS and the Juvenile court system is a criminal and should be thrown in jail for a minimum of 20 years to life. They are guilty of so many criminal acts that life in prison would be appropriate. Since they are all in rebellion to the constitution and perjured their public servant oaths, they are actually traitors and could be shot at sunset for trying to steal our children and our constitutional and unalienable rights!!! CPS must be destroyed now or no child in America is safe!!! The Nazi’s were mild compared to CPS
Based on recent new court decisions and LAW we have become aware of, we are SUGGESTING you might think about adding:
My children have been wrongfully and unlawfully removed from my physical custody without Constitutional DUE PROCESS, or even the pretext of Reasonable Efforts having been offered AS MANDATED BY 42 U.S.C. § 671 (a) (15) and 672 (a) (1), which removal meets the definition of KIDNAPPING according to18 USC Sec.1203 and are being held-
" order to compel a third person .... to do or abstain from doing any act as an explicit or implicit condition for the release of the person detained, or attempts or conspires to do so..."
My CPS worker, (name here) coerced me into signing a "voluntary" Service Plan, which I had no part or input in creating. The CPS worker, (name here) threatened me that if I did not sign the "voluntary" service plan that my children would be TPR'ed. Which according to Amanda C., by and through Gary Richmond, natural
parent and next friend, appellee, v. Kelly Case, appellant.__N.W.2d__ Filed May 23, 2008. No. S-06-1097 is unauthorized practice of law and acting under the color of law.
Additionally, in the opinion of Judge Stephen Limbaugh Jr. in the majority Opinion of the Supreme Court of Missouri In the Interest of: P.L.O. and S.K.O., minor children. SC85120 3/30/2004
"The mother voluntarily consented to the court's jurisdiction over her children, voluntarily transferred their custody to the division and never challenged the circumstances of their removal. Accordingly, she cannot now challenge whether an 'emergency' existed to justify removal of the children under (the statute in question) and this court need not address such a challenge."
I am therefore establishing ON THE RECORD that I strongly challenge that an emergency existed to remove my children, and most certainly do withdraw my "voluntary" surrender of the custody of my children.
Further, the UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SIXTH CIRCUIT in Smith et al. v. Williams-Ash No. 06-4638, Decided and Filed: March 26, 2008 said-
We do not doubt that the Smiths, as any parents likely would, resented the safety plan from the beginning. But mere displeasure and frustration fails to negate their consent. Rather than remind Williams-Ash of what she already knew—that they disliked the plan—the Smiths needed to explicitly withdraw the consent they explicitly gave, thus requiring Children’s Services to either return the children or file a formal complaint against them. In light of their admitted failure to do so, the Smiths were not entitled to a hearing.
For this reason, I hereby rescind any and all signatures to "voluntary" service plans or any other "agreement". Such signature were obtained through duress, threat, and coercion. I had no way of knowing the long-range ramifications of doing so and now explicitly withdraw any consent I explicitly gave.
Therefore, I am requiring Children’s Services to either return the children to my physical custody or file a formal complaint against me.

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