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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Infant Abused Texas Foster Care, Broken Bones + Skull Fracture

Texas Foster Dad Charged with Serious Injury to a Child. August 11, 2010. Houston Texas. A foster parent will appear in court Thursday morning for charges he seriously injured an infant that he was supposed to be caring for.
The baby, who was just 9 weeks old, had dozens of broken bones, according to investigators.
Tahrick Perry answered the door at his house in West Houston Wednesday afternoon and told 39News he has not been to work since the serious charges were brought against him in November.
Perry invited 39News into his house - without the camera - to share his side.
The home had a play mat with dozens of toys neatly stacked against the wall and a jungle gym outside. All were for Perry's three foster children to enjoy, he said, but they haven't been played with in nine months.
Perry said the family was at a party in late October and the baby was in his car seat, which was sitting on the floor. He said they heard the baby crying and looked up to see that another child had fallen on the baby. The next day, Perry said he took the baby to the doctor when he noticed his leg was swollen.
After a series of tests, doctors determined the injuries they found - a broken leg, two skull fractures and seven broken ribs - were not consistent with Perry's story.
According to court documents, statements from Perry's two biological children - ages 5 and 8 at the time - confirmed suspicions of abuse. The children said they saw their dad hit, shake and throw the baby for crying.
A spokesperson from DePelchin Children's Center said they are shocked at the charges, explaining that Perry had a "very, very clean background." Perry and his wife worked with the agency for two years and fostered 15 children, officials said.
Perry maintained his innocence Wednesday, saying he would never hurt an infant.
He said he has faith that justice will prevail and his children, who are now in the custody of Child Protective Services, will soon be home.
Investigators said the baby's injuries were at various stages of healing, but Perry said the child, who was in his care for nearly two months, saw a doctor just about twice a week.
He also said the injuries could be attributed to brittle bones brought on by the fact that the child was born to a mother who abused drugs.
CPS said the child, who is now with another foster family, has fully recovered and has not suffered any other medical problems.,0,5957255.story

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