winona rosa

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fight Ohio CPS Corruption

Fight Ohio CPS- People need to know how children are removed from their families without reason..WAKE UP PEOPLE.
Some of my pictures are blurried, sorry.


  1. CPS is given legal authority to remove children from homes based upon "risk assessment". They don't take children "for no reason". Based on the "risk assessment data" CPS makes up the reasons to take children.

  2. Praying for their safety and return to you momma! We know you'll never give up because you Are their mother. Keep sending prayers to the almighty to protect and lift their spirits always. They are His children too of course, and He hears your prayers more than ever. They need your hope & prayers even if they are somewhere else. They will not remain there long. Christ is returning very soon according to the real signs given by His Holy Bible. It is overwhelmingly coming true now! So, put your hope on what's sure, so we can all be together in the safety of His kingdom and love that He has prepared for His children as Christ explained. <3 <3 <3