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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mother fighting CPS / DHS, corrupt town, violation of civil rights, every parent should watch

I have been fighting DHS in CO for 9 months. I am done sitting back and staying quiet. I want my story out there, I'm hoping the right person will see this. These people need to learn they cannot destroy familes

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  1. It is a broken system. With to many people thinking they are doing what is right based on some sort of slide ruler or check box that gets placed on a paper.

    Awful and terrible yes, unfortuantely they are the ones with the guns and have so many ways to hurt us at their disposal is sickening. They will ignore anything they choose to and do not need to provide proof for anything they do their words, feelings or emotions is all the proof they need to get the men with guns behind them.

    It is sad, and all I can suggest is steer as clear from them at all times as possible.