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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tucson Police Dept, CPS & Public Defender Amy, Ed, Darlene at CPS

Tucson Police Dept, CPS & Public Defender Amy, Ed, Darlene at CPS, Det Huser & Officer Azuelo of Tucson Police & Sean the Public Defender forceful lying by Tucson Police & CPS, treating child with neglect by police, PD calling me and daughter liar Tucson, Arizona

On 2/16/11 my daughter was arrested for something she did not d. Tucson Police would not even accept her side of the story. Only because she has Bi-Polar & PTSD, there were no female Officers present and a male searched her.

They kept my grandson 2 years old standing out in the rain and let him Urinate all over himself and threatened mom that unless she admitted to the crime they would have CPS come get him.

I picked him up when they arrested him and brought him home. Police notified CPS of the incident. On 2/17/11 My daughter was released on her & when we got home Amy and Amanda from CPS was here, we have dealt with Amy who was the Case Manager on 2 other cases involving other families.

Amy was already finding Amber guilty of the crime, and wrote up a Safety plan for the boy to stay in the home with her and mat grandparents because she said Amber was a present danger to her son, and had unstable mental health and violent behaviors. This plan expired 2/23/11.

They are still coming to our home harassing us, even though Amber drew up a Special Power of Attorney, giving me Legal Guardianship over him for 6 mos and to speak in her stead, when she gets upset. CPS stated it was no good and they can continue to come here as long as they want.

On 2/26/ Amber and I went to see her Public Defender, because on 2/22/11 he called her and wanted her to plead guilty to at least one of the charges and because she said no he said she is hostile she walked out of his office today because he called her a liar.

He told me that I am selling her down the river and I'm the one who will be putting her in prison because I will not let her lie and take the plea. He then kicked me out of his office. I am a Serviced Connected Veteran, I have no reason to lie and we have documentation to back all this up.

Not only that The supposed Victim is 5'11, 300 lbs. and Amber is 5'4, 130-140 lbs. there was no blood anywhere in her car except 2 small bloodstains on her steering wheel and the dust in the car had not been disturbed as he said they struggled.

The 2 police reports are conflicting and do not match, She is single and raising her son with our help, and all these agencies before even talking to her have already dubbed her guilty her Public Defender even told her not to file attempted sexual assault charges against the victim.

Even though that is why she was defending herself in the first place, the PD said no one would believe her because that is the excuse all women use to get out of taking responsibility for what they have done. Can any one please help us, we are desperate the PD even told us today we are stupid for even going to the media or trying to get help from out side sources.


  1. Did you ever find an attorney here in Tucson to help you. My best friend is innocent and living in CPS hell. Looking for an attorney.

  2. cps always lies i have a case worker that has me as the bad guy and all the incidents happen with my x wife not me

  3. my friend has been thru the ringer and he is fighting for his grandchildren to bad there is not an advocate attorney to take these 25 year old cps professionals on. his exwife who is not the biological grandma has the children and the case worker who knows he has a restraining order on him sent his exwife with the kids to him this was intentionally done I just met the young dimwit 3 days prior where are the rights and justice for what is right anymore. this woman who was married to my friend to advantage of him. she has been married 7 times and lives off men these are facts I never had any dealings with cps I have two children that are raised however seeing the system now and the way it works I am so disappointed d it makes me want to scream and cry so hard. I am sick over everything and plain disgusted this is are system