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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Grandchild Was Kidnaped

It is more then one person,
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This is what Title IV funds by the Federal Govt. has done to the American Family and Social Security dollars is what is paying for it.
My grandson was taken illegally over 2 years ago, to no avail I have been trying to fight for justice. It all stared with an over zealous DHS worker (AnTiffany McDaniel-Fears) who had a personal vendetta against me. The first time she tried to take him she brought her supervisor (Louella Brown) that was on May 2, 2008) at the Holy Family. Emma called upset I found out that she had threatened this before, and that she was on her way to supposedly get a court order.I immediately went and got Emma and Evan and brought them home with me. Note:Evan was born on April 25,2008 the first time she sent the police to my house was also May 2, 2008 at 10:30 p.m. The police officer (Joshua Pershica) told her that “there was no legal, valid reason to pick up this child”. She became enraged and very rude. She told Officer Pershica “I sent you out there to pick up that baby now I want that baby picked up now”. He then reinteratted “Ma’am I told you there is no legal, valid reason to pick
up this child”. She then told him, “Tell her (me) that I want to do home inspection tomorrow at 8:00 a.m”. He told me “if she is not here by 8:30 a.m. call her and remind her she sounded pretty groggy”. I replied yes sir, I could heard her, thank you. He later told me “Be careful sooner or later she is going to find a rookie cop, or a crooked cop, that is going to give her what she wants”. I then told him thank you and have a nice night, sir. She was late the next day and so I called her like Officer Pershica had told me to do. She then
told me that she never told Officer Pershica that she wanted to come over this morning. I then informed her that I heard her tell him that over the phone. She then said that she would be at the house at 9:00a.m. She continued to be rude when she got here and then threatened me when I told her that she needed to obey the
law. She then told me she was the law and that she would destroy me if I got in her way. On June 18,2010 she used the powers of her office to come into my home and steal my grandchild out of my daughter’s arms while she was feeding him. They chased her through the house and ripped him out of her arms. (He has now been gone for 766 days, or 2 years 1 month and 5 days). At the time that this happened the worker had 2 active warrants for her arrest for writing hot checks. I later found out that she didn’t have a warrant or a court order which makes the pickup illegal. When we went to court they told my daughter to take a drug test and she agreed she knew she was clean. They said she tested positive for marijuana so as soon as we left I took her to S.O.S. to get retested. (S.O.S. is the recognized drug testing facility for the Oklahoma County Court system). I was able to prove that they doctored the drug test to make her look like she was doing drugs when she wasn’t. I tried to give Judge Larry Shaw a copy of the other drug test taken the same day at S.O.S. but he refused to let us use it. I continued to try and get help from other resources and so far have been unsuccessful. I took copies of the warrants for the workers arrest to the Governor and several others but all they did was make
them disappear. The worker became enraged with what I was doing so she told Judge Larry Shaw that I threatened her, 5 ½ hours later she decided to file a police report. Why she waited I don’t know, there were several county sheriff’s officers who could have arrested me on sight. However I would have insisted that they check the tapes from all the cameras that could have verified that I was never even close enough to say anything to her. She saw me through a window while I was waiting for an elevator and that was it we never spoke. I tried to explain Judge Larry Shaw what was really going on but he told me that he didn’t care. I was then told that I could not help my daughter in court anymore and that if I came back on the property I would be arrested. That statement was amended later to say that I was not even allowed to even drive down the street or come within 500 feet of the curb, of the property that the Juvenile Center sits on. That also means that I was not allowed to go to any the businesses across the street. I was later charged with a crime I did not commit and arrested. I bonded out and the worker (AnTiffany) became more enraged and told the (ADA Reagan Vincent)
to have me re-arrested and this time make sure to hold me. I was rearrested and held in jail without the option of bond for 2 weeks. I was forced out of my job of 9 years with a court reporting firm by being told that I could either fight for my rights, and the rights of my family or I could keep my job but I couldn’t have both. Later my ex boss Steve Meador had an ex parte conversation with Judge Don Easter to rule against me in court and it was witnessed by Becky Quinton who is now deceased. Before I met (AnTiffany) I had never been in any kind of legal trouble, I even have a 35 year perfect driving record. To this date I have been arrested a total of 3 times because of this woman. My boss also told me that she told him that she had been a case worker for 20 years even though she was only 32 at the time. She was fired from the Attorney Generals office in
2007 because of her rude and violent behavior which also proves that she couldn’t have worked for DHS for 20 years. She didn’t even get hired on at DHS until 2007. Since all this happened I have continued to collect more evidence and talk to more people trying to get help. I spent 18 months going to court 2 and 3 times a month trying to get a trial for the bogus charges against me. I was continually pressured to plead guilty to a crime I did not commit and the answer was always the same “no I want a jury trial”. I was continuing to be stalked and harassed by the worker and her friends. They were parking in front of my house and sitting in their
car, being followed from work etc. In February of 2009 my 19 year old daughter was told in Judge Shaw’s courtroom that she was no longer allowed to have any contact with me in any form mail, phone, etc. I told my daughter not to worry I would make sure that they could not get her for disobeying an order so I moved out of my house. On June 22, 2009 I filed a Sworn Affidavit with the Oklahoma County Court. In August of 2009 I was arrested for the third time and given another court date. On February 23, 2010 I was found not guilty. The DA insisted on continuing to prosecute me with the same bogus evidence that they already admitted in court on January 21, 2010 did not exist. I then told my Public Defender that I would have to file charges for malicious prosecution. I was told that everybody knew I was innocent but that they couldn’t dismiss the charges because it would cause an interagency rift. (I do have a recording of this conversation) I then told him well
then I will see you in court, and then I will proceed with filing charges after that. 6 weeks later I got a phone call telling me that as of July 1, 2010 the charges against me have been dismissed. Now since they could not get me, even though my life has been destroyed they decided to go after my daughter. On March 17, 2010
my daughter and my grandson were abused by DHS worker Yolanda Sherfield. I found out from her lawyer of the event and that they were taking my grandson to the hospital because of the abuse he suffered at the hands of the worker and his father. His father is a convicted felon and a drug dealer and has already tried to kill this
child once. My daughter, until she met these people, has also never had any legal trouble and maintained a job while finishing highschool. My daughter’s lawyer is also a witness to the abuse that took place that day because he was there. (There is a recording of this event also) While she was at the hospital with her son the
worker called the police and told them that my daughter abused her. We also called to file police report with the Midwest City police department where the abuse occurred. In June 2010 I gave permission for my daughter and her fiancé to move in and take over the house it had been vacant for over a year. Later when we went to
court we asked for a copy of both reports. They gave us a copy of the one that was filed by the worker but didn’t have the one filed by my daughter. We asked where it went and we were told it had never been filed, so we asked to re-file and we were told no. The next time we went to court Judge Spears did not care what had happened to my daughter and did not care about the tape recording of the abuse that was made that day. The Judge told her she was guilty and told her to leave, as she walked out the door the judge told the police to
arrest her. At this time she was 9 months pregnant and was forced to the ground by the police. She screamed when they hurt her and so they charged her with disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. I asked the worker how she could lie in court like that but she didn’t care. I was also threatened when I was asking them to please be careful of the baby even if they didn’t care about my daughter. We managed to get her out of jail before she had the baby. On July 29,2010 she gave birth to a little girl. On August 5, 2010 DHS called
Emma to let her know that they knew about her baby that she had just given birth to. They said they wanted to come by and do a home inspection on Monday August 9, 2010 and Emma agreed. On August 6, 2010 they showed up with the police to pick up the baby but Emma was not there. On August 7, 2010 they returned with the police to pick up the baby and again Emma was not there. This was all told to me by my neighbors that DHS talked to asking them where my daughter was. My neighbors later informed me that they saw Emma and her fiancé loading up their car and it looked like they were moving out. I later went to the house to check it out and sure enough they were gone. I spent several hours there cleaning the floors etc. hoping I would maybe see them come by but they never did. Since all of this has occurred I now know that they again know where I am staying since I moved out of my house in Feb. 2009. They have been coming by and parking in front of the house and will sit there for 45 minutes to an hour and take notes. They make it real obvious that they are watching me but I just let them waste their time. I know this because at night I like to sit out on the front porch to get some fresh air. I do not leave the house anymore without someone being with me. I refuse to go anywhere by myself from now on, and I insist on having a witness with me 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With all I have and am still going through I am truly afraid to be alone


  1. Please keep up the fight. These types of workers need to be stopped. Most of them truly don't care and to make matter worse, most of them are only high school grads. No professional training at all. My advise to you is: Find a pro bono lawyer and sue the state and or DHS. I worked for DHS in another state. That is what I would tell my clients. DHS has it's own lawyers and as for payoffs, I can't really say. This is the only way to get justice, the services you need and anything else when it comes to the state.

  2. To find a lawyer, check with one who specializes in disabilities or disability rights. They can refer you to the one you need. Disability Rights Coalition and organization that handles disabilities can lead you in the right direction. Remember, there is always someone who knows something you don't. The more people you tell or ask questions, the more leads you will get. Best of luck

  3. AnTiffany McDaniel-Fears (DHS worker) used a state computer to track Dana in Del City. Once she found her she drove to the house wrote down my tag number. Then she went to the Del City Police to get them to help her in her continued harassment of Dana. About 3 days later Dana was pulled over and given a ticket for an offense she did not do on a street that the cop was not even on. Here is what happened when Dana went to the police for help and to file a report about being stalked.

    1. I feel your sadness and heartbreak. I pray for all things to work in the harmony of the all mighty.

    2. hope by now things have worked out in your favor. my granddaughter was placed in a foster home on the south side where the lady encouraged the young girls to smoke and she spent all the money on bingo. not the kids my grand daughter told me they went to bed hungry every night. My grand daughter told me the lady would smoke non stop and make the girls who did not smoke sick. She said the foster mother would never spend the money on the girls in her care, she wold just go to bingo ever night and chain smoke.