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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Office Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff

(All Supreme Sovereign Rights RetainedlMaintained For The Supreme
Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle Island: Land Venue.)

True Original Land Stewarts: Original Creditors: Original Benefactors:
Original Beneficiaries:

Call: 1 2042820719 In Canada: High King Chief Scott Phillip Hayes: Crown
Fiduciary Trustee

Grantor Heir And Successor To The Original Trust For The Trade And Commerce
Upon The Great Turtle Island:

Empirical Office of Correction
Sir David-Lee; Buess: SPAG:
Agent For High King Chief Scott Philliip Hayes Empirial Heir And Winona Mae
22014 Delaware Township Road 184
Arlington, Ohio [45814-9998]
Phone/Fax: 419 694 5796

24 May In The Year Of The Creator 2011

TIDOC0012511070801A: You Have Been Served.

Office Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff
9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, District Of Columbia (20318-9999)
RE: Letter Of 12 May YOC 2011:


Your Office Having Received My Letter And Documents On Monday 17 May

YOC 2011 I Have Now Posted This Information To The Internet. The Entire World

Is Now Awaiting Your Actions In This Matter:

As Stated Additional Information Is Now Available And A Revision To The Bill Of

Indictment Is Enclosed. Page 19 Line(s) 969-975 You Should Be Extremely

Interested In: Your Queen Messed Up.

Moon Is Still Awaiting Your Call: 1 2042820719. He Would Like To Know How

Your Are Coming With The Remedies?

We Do Trust Those Members Of Secret Organizations: IE: Templers: Masons:

Who's Oath's Are Above All Oaths: And Ran For Public Office Under False And

Fraudulent Pretense: Will Understand Failure To Disclose Is A Fraud Because They

Consider Their Oath Taken For Public Office To Be Nothing.

Page 10f2

I Trust By Now You Gentlemen Have Read The Lawful Stitution And Understand

It As We Have Heard Nothing From You Thus Far.

As The Entire World Is Reading This Letter It Would Be For Them To Best Realize

The UNITED STATES Exists In Name Only And Is Being Manipulated By A


BRITISH ISLES AND VATICAN: International Bankers: World Bank:

International Monetary Fund And Federal Reserve. Please Take Your Anger Out

On These Persons And Not The American People As We Have Little To Say About

Anything Thanks To The Fraudulent Bankruptcy Act Of 1933. This Explains Why

Our Foreign Policies Are So Screwed Up.

Please Do Not Kill Our Soldiers As They Are Misinformed As To What Is Actually

Taking Place In Their Homeland. They Have Been Lead To Believe We Actually

Have A Constitution And Have Pledged Their Lives And Sacred Honor To Protect

Something That Does Not Exist For The Greed Of The Corporation.

Under Title 7 USC A Man Is An Animal. Think About It. Now We Have Conflict

In Law. I Want To Charge The Fiduciary Trustees With Cruelty To Animals For

They Have Failed To Feed Us And Are Using Us As Chattel. Can You Say Child

Trafficking And Human Trafficking: Child Protective Service: FBI: Courts: Social

SECURITY TITLE: Either Title 7 or 8? Define: Human: Person: Woman: Child:

Are All Those Soldiers Animals Going To The Slauderhouse?

Respectively Submitted:

Sir David-Lee; Buess PAG

Page 2 Of 2-END

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