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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abused Foster Children Missing, No Report by Adoptive Parents Collected $175K - Colorado, Texas

March 2011. Colorado, Texas. Abuse, Torture Allegations in Adopted Foster Children Missing Over 10 Years. Adopted Parents Collected $175,000 on Missing Tots + Not Report Missing. Bryants Arrested on Fraud for Collecting Money For Boys Missing Over 10 Years; No Missing Child Report was ever filed. Authorities in CO have opened an investigation into disappearance of 2 foster children, one of whom appears to have been physically abused. Edward Dylan Bryant who would now be 18YO disappeared in 2001. Austin Bryant, who would be 15, went missing around 2003.
The adoptive parents never reported them missing + falsified records to collect $175,000 adoption subsidies.
The boy's adopted father, Edward Bryant, 58, + mother, Linda, 54, who are separated, were arrested in Texas + currently in jail in Colorado Springs. They are held on $1 million bail. Each face theft + forgery charges.
They've not been charged in the disappearances. The father told authorities Edward ran away in 2001 + Austin in 2003, right before the family moved to Texas. He blamed his wife for any money received since their disappearance and denied knowledge of receiving money for the children, but admitted that he signed documentation stating that the children were in his care in order to continue to receive funds from Colorado DHS.
His wife, Linda, admitted some criminal culpability for not reporting the missing children. She acknowledged she intentionally covered up the fact they were missing to make it impossible for those in position to make a rescue, and offered to take responsibility so her husband could keep the 5 children they still have. [?!!]
The police investigation started shortly after Bryan Pennington, a foster child who knew Austin growing up, reported Austin missing on Jan 22, 2011, after a conversation with another person who knew Austin.
James Bryant, the boys' adopted brother who was interviewed at Fort Campbell, KY, agreed to discuss situation w El Paso Sheriff's office. James told detectives that there has been significant abuse at home. He said Austin was spanked, restrained by being rolled "like a burrito", handcuffed, and denied food 2-3 times a week as a form of punishment. Austin got so hungry, James said, he would eat out of the garbage can. He was also left in the garage days at a time and forced to run up and down the driveway for hours.
The last time he saw Austin alive was in 2003. He said his mother asked him for help to find a friend to pose as Austin for an upcoming DHS visit, according to affidavit.
Pennington told investigators that Austin told him that his parents used a taser on him and showed him welts all over his torso, according to the affidavit.
The affidavit has little information regarding Edward. James told authorities he doesn't know anything about his adopted brother. He was told Edward was sent to ARIZONA to care for an ailing relative. State adoption records are sealed

AFFIDAVIT REVEALS ABUSE OF MISSING FOSTER CHILD. TX. While 2 young boys disappeared nearly a decade ago, no one spoke up until now. Arrest affidavit for the adoptive parents of Austin Eugene Bryant + Edward Dylan Bryant paints a disturbing picture of the discipline that incl use of a Taser + being locked in a trunk.
The adoptive father admitted he and his wife "concocted stories" to cover up the missing boys. When Gainesville police contacted his wife, she said the boys were "doing fine and living with her." She later changed her story to say they "ran away as early as 2003," but she never made a report. She also admitted to "falsified documents" because she came "to rely on the money" Colorado offered families who adopt.
2 other adopted children who lived with the Bryants recalled the torture Austin allegedly endured. The 14-page arrest affidavit from Colorado said the couple regularly abused Austin when he lived with them outside Colorado Springs. The accusations say Austin was handcuffed, Tased and often locked in a trunk. He was denied food, leading him to eat from the garbage.

Edward Dylan + Austin Eugene Bryant were special needs kids. They were paid through El Paso County DHS for the boys even though there is no record of them since 2003. Bryants received 121 monthly payments for Edward totaling $107,916. For Austin, 75 monthly payments of $66,890. Tipline (719) 520-7209

April 2011. Many children turn up missing from foster care.

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