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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Suffolk County New York CPS Negligence

Recorded conversation with Suffolk County CPS worker.

Unknown to me, for Over a year, my Grandaughter was left to sleep in a windowless room in a cellar which was against New York State Law. CPS Of Suffolk County both inspected this sleeping arrangement & deemed it safe. When I became aware of this issue I notified not only CPS of this but the Law Guardian, Zuckerman as well & was IGNORED. I then called in a complaint to New York City Department Of Buildings who not only inspected the premises located in Queens but issued a VACATE ORDER for the cellar my 3 year old Grand Daughter was sleeping in. Believe it or not, my Grand Daughter still resides with this same IDIOT who now has her sleeping in a Foyer (the main entry to the home). I'm trying to gain temporary custody of my Grand Daughter. CPS, the Law Guardian & the presiding Judge claim to have my Grand Daughter's "best interest" in mind. Well lets see............

I own a home in Commack (a BLUE RIBBON school district) My husband earns a very hansome living working for a Medical Company as a "Nuclear Imaging Engineer".

The N-Docket Custodian who resides in Queens does NOT own a home (NOT a good school district or neighborhood by any stretch of the imagination)

I'm a stay at home Mother

The N-Docket Custodian has my Grand daughter in day care 5 days a week.

This is a Queens County ACS worker, who inspected the premises where my Grand Daughter was to stay. She deemed it safe & acceptable eventhough it was in direct violation of New York State Fire Code Laws & later deemed HAZZARDOUS by New York City Department Of Buildings!!! This is an AUTROCITY!!!

This is a recording of Judge David Freundlich's prized Law Guardian. She was "supposed" to be looking after my Grand Daughter's safety/best interests. She came to my house to "inspect" 3 times (all 3 visits were audio/video recorded) but she probably NEVER inspected wher my Grand Daughter was living & "if" she did, WHY WAS MY GRAND DAUGHTER MALTREATED BY BEING KEPT IN A DANGEROUS, DANK CELLAR FOR WELL OVER A YEAR!!!!!! In my oppinion she is a child stealing/selling dishonest, UNSCRUPULOUS, Evil Woman!!!

This is a recording of a phone call to NYC Department Of Buildings. Pay special attention to the part which is about 3 and a half minutes into the recording. The Supervisor clearly states that bedrooms in cellars are NOT ALLOWED anywhere in New York State & clearly states the situation was HAZZARDOUS!!!

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