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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Victims of Experiments Go to Bioethics Panel

Keith Johnson is an independent journalist and the editor of “Revolt of the

Plebs,” an alternative news website that can be found at

By Frank Whalen

On May 18-19 in New York City, the President’s

Commission on Bioethics convened

once again. Hundreds of people registered to

speak about their firsthand experiences as

unwilling test subjects of ongoing government experiments.

However, only 20 were selected to speak; they

were each given a paltry 90 seconds to summarize stories

that covered a lifetime of abuse.

AFP previously reported on targeted individuals

speaking before the Bioethics Commission at its

Washington, D.C. meeting in March, and this latest

forum resulted in more obstructionism.

This reporter spoke with several individuals present

in NYE. They mentioned supposed emails sent to people

granting them time to speak, only to discover they

had never been sent. Others weren’t permitted to speak,

only to learn later that they could have spoken. One eyewitness

described the disorganization as “a deliberate

effort to confuse the participants in an attempt to quash

this information.”

Aside from AFP, media outlets consider this stuff

untouchable. Participants recounted how, at the most

recent NYE hearing, “The room was dismissed for a

break and then we were called back to speak. With the

exception of two [reporters], the rest did not return.”

Many details were given from those who have been

repeatedly victimized. Some people spoke about gang

stalking where strangers speak to individuals about personal

matters that they should not know about. Such

occurrences could be coincidental, but as they happen

several times a day, even while traveling across state

lines, it suggests that surveillance is being used.

When AFP asked about the purpose of this harassment,

it was suggested that the perpetrators want to

breed paranoia and fear in their victims. Others mentioned

a connection to InfraGuard.

According to its website, InfraGuard is “an association

of businesses, academic institutions, state and local

law enforcement agencies and other participants dedicated

to sharing information and intelligence to prevent

hostile acts against the United States.” Utilizing citizen

spies and corporate partners in the private sector would

certainly lead to comprehensive scrutiny on anyone.

It’s clear that allowing a subject to know how thoroughly

they were being watched would make them suspicious

of anyone with whom they came into contact.

This tactic seems useful, since the targeted individual can

then be easily dismissed asmentally unsound, preventing

them from obtaining legal protection or subjecting them

to incarceration and forced medical procedures.

It’s easy to see how these psychological operations

are useful to the elite. As technologies are tested and

results gathered, the stealthy evolution of governmentsanctioned

mind control programs like MK-ULTRA

could be used, amazing though this may sound, to create

thousands of “Manchurian candidate” automatons that

become the domestic terrorists officials are always

warning us about.

During AFP’s conference call, one woman identified

as Leslie claims she discovered devices implanted in her

body with no recollection of the surgery. She mentioned

presenting visual proof to the commission.

The President’s Commission on Bioethics acknowledges,

and even seems remorseful about, experiments

perpetrated against American citizens.

Unfortunately, the media and elected representatives

are unwilling to admit that these supposedly dissolved

programs evidently still exist, and that they’re still harming

innocent victims. 1 2 3 4 5

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