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Monday, July 4, 2011

Freemasonry and the Law

Thie was my answer to a question about Hillary Clintons involvement in No Child Left Behind:

The answer is yes. Not only did she uplift the public and our government officials about putting School Reform into action but she voted for the No Child Left Behind Act December 18th, 2001. Behind the scenes she played a star role in the "landmark law." At that time not everyone realized the negative impact it could have and many government officials were happy it was going to happen. After being put into place, slowly and subtly, some were seeing that it is not the “meaningful, positive changes,” that we were told we would be seeing but just the opposite. Administrator’s, School Psychologists, Teachers and Children have been and are still being taught from change agents who are trained in teaching techniques such as Quantum Learning, which is based on the philosophical foundation of John Dewey, a Progressive Philosoper who disliked intelligent children. He also founded the University of Chicago Laboratory School which is the same school that President Obama's daughters attended before moving to Washington. Another would be Padaira teaching method.

Bill Clinton initiated school reform in Arkansas in 1979 by restructuring the system. He also chose the bureaucracy to run it. He started a model school for statewide school reform. The Governors School is for a summer session for gifted students with the goal of identifing a certain exceptional students out of many that will be suited for careers in politics. Criticque of the Arkansas Governors School and other Governors Schools by past alumni and parents can be easily located through the search engine as well have satisfactory comments. (My grand daughter received an app to this school...after reserching it was canned)

Some of the other key people involved were, Judy B. Codding; Dr. D. L. Cuddy; MarcTucker; Judy B. Codding. Rabbi Michael Lerner; , David Rockeferrer

One very imformitive and interesting source is the Hyde Cuddy US Congressional Testimony-------A MUST READ IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY PLANNED FOR OUR CHILDREN AND HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL SO FAR IN IMPLEMENTING

The Marc Tucker's infamous "Dear Hillary Letter". On Sept. 25, 1998, Rep. Bob Schaffer placed the 18 page letter on the Congressional Record on Sept. 25, 1999. It lays out the master plan of the Clinton Administration to take over the entire U.S. educational system so that it can serve national economic planning of the workforce. MUST READ



DeKalb Defends Teacher Training Trip


Jon Lewis

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(WSB Radio) Nearly 200 DeKalb County school employees will be boarding flights to Los Angeles this week to attend an education conference that will cost taxpayers nearly $400,000.

Channel 2 Action News learned of the training trip this week.

The money isn't coming from local tax dollars but from federal dollars that came to the county as part of the Obama administration's 2009 stimulus package.

Stimulus money from Washington is often discussed in terms of "shovel ready," designated for construction projects that are supposed to create jobs for unemployed Americans.

But the DeKalb County School System has decided to use stimulus money to attend a four-day conference sponsored by America's Choice, which a schools spokesman calls "a great thing."

The organization's Web site describes it as a "solution provider," that offers "comprehensive, proven solutions to the complex problems educators face in an era of accountability." The Web site also says America's Choice has "an unparalleled history as a national thought leader."

School spokesman Dale Davis told Channel 2 Action News investigative reporter Richard Belcher that 184 principals, instructional coaches, district staff and teachers are scheduled to attend the conference in Hollywood. We found that the primary conference hotel is the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa.

Davis said the school system will spend $91,500 for conference registrations and another $291,400 for hotels, flights, meals and incidentals. That's a total of $382,900 in federal tax money. In an email, Davis wrote, "I am happy that you are expressing interesting in this training opportunity for our employees. We are focused on student improvement. America's Choice is in partnership with the district to help improve the academic success in 40 of our lowest performing schools."

DeKalb's Board of Education recently touched off angry public protests by teachers when it awarded a new contract with a $15,000 raise to Superintendent Dr. Crawford Lewis. The board has defended the raise, even though it came at a time when the system is facing severe budget problems. Lewis is not attending the America's Choice conference.


China: A Study in Paradoxes

A Preliminary Report

Mark Tucker


China: A Study in Paradoxes1

A Preliminary Report

Years ago, when Deng Xiaoping took the reins of power in China, he concluded

that there would probably not be a new world war and so decided that the

country’s leadership could safely make economic growth their primary goal.

Deng then authorized some experiments in Guangdong Province that proved to

be the entering wedge of the introduction of the market economy in that country,

which of course led directly to China’s explosive economic growth.

In recent years, our business press has been nearly obsessed with the dramatic

rise of China, a natural consequence of the steady transfer of American

manufacturing jobs to that country, the unprecedented and growing trade

imbalance with China and the increasing American debt held by the Chinese.

In the early years of China’s rise, many people assumed that, when everything

was sorted out, China would end up being the world’s factory for low value

added products, but the West would continue to produce the high value added

products and services that sustain high employment, high wage economies.

Over the last year or two, however, we have heard of more and more

multinational firms transferring their R&D operations to China, and in the last

few months, that giant semiconductor fabrication plants and hard disk

manufacturing plants are being located there.

1 This is a preliminary report of field research done in China in October 2005 as

part of an international comparative study conducted by the National Center on

Education and the Economy. The team included Judy Codding, Mark Troppe,

Barbara Rivard and the author for NCEE; Ben Vickery, of the National Institute

for Standards and Technology and Yong Zhao, Distinguished Professor at

Michigan State University. This research was supported by the Hewlett

Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Annie E. Casey

Foundation and the National Center on Education and the Economy. This paper

also draws on material gathered by Marc Tucker and Judy Codding during a

number of earlier trips to China, two of which were sponsored by the Asia

Society and the Chinese Ministry of Education

Everywhere we visited schools in mainland China, students made very impressive performances for us, but often, when questioned on their performances, were unable to talk about them in a way that convinced us that they understood what they had read, could think independently about it, or were willing or able to challenge the version of reality with which they had been presented. Very often, we discovered that the performance we had seen and heard had been memorized by students who were at sea when asked to do anything other than recite.




Call To Action:

The time to act is now! Everyone wants their children back yet too many of us sit in the shadows without participating in the effort. Instead of getting quiet when someone starts to mention "gathering and doing something” we all need to join together, there is power in numbers my friends! We all will be taking a chance at losing something by standing up to those in Washington who think that we are stupid cowards but let me remind you of the great late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer who said, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Who was she speaking up for? US, she was speaking up for us and our children. She didn't just lose her seat at the senate, she gave it up instead of shutting up about what was happening to us and our children. When told to shut up or else after she learned her bill had been rewritten, Senator Schaefer said, "Obviously, you do not know me. I did not come to the state capitol to get legislation passed, I came to make a difference!" "There are causes worth losing for and this is one!” Sen. Schaefer fought for our cause and she lost a lot for us and our children. Are we to just sit back and let everything she worked so hard for, for us and our children, just fade away? We need to stand together and the time to act is now!

February 20th, 2011

Written by Callie Thornton

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or email admin at

English Reporter Reveals Depth of Media and Government Treachery in the U.S.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the London Telegraph's Washington reporter who arrived an admirer of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and became their nemesis and target, leaves America with a warning for the American people.

Evans-Pritchard's relentless investigative reporting began shortly after Bill Clinton was inaugerated as president in 1993 and was a constant thorn in the side of the Clinton Administration His factual reports became so upsetting to the White House that he was singled out by the Clintons' as a problem journalist in a 300 page White House report. He was also condemned by the establishment U.S. media (such as the Washington Post) for revealing facts about the government which the "mandarin class" have decreed are not to be reported.

Here is his farewell address to the American people at the end of April, 1997:

Rouse and Guard your Liberty! by Ambrose-Evans Pritchard

Let me state for the record that I was not sent to Washington as part of a British government plot to destabilize the Clinton Administration in revenge for US meddling in Ulster. Or at least, I don't think I was. Contrary to assertions made in a Congressional hearing, I have never worked for British military intelligence, or MI5, or MI6, or for that matter MI7.5 - the fabled Welsh branch!

No, I found my own way into a spitting match with President Clinton. It was the last thing I expected upon arriving in Washington, for I had succumbed to the Clinton charm years before at a meeting of the Democratic Leadership Council. As for Hillary, I was rather taken by her image of flinty altruism.

Disappointment was swift, however. I was stunned when the new President - barely installed in the White House - repudiated his campaign promise for a tax cut. It was downhill from there.

The Clintons look good from a distance. As Yale Law School graduates they have mastered the language and style of the mandarin class. It is only when you walk through the looking glass into the Arkansas underworld they came from that you begin to realise something is horribly wrong.

You learn that Bill Clinton grew up in the Dixie mafia stronghold of Hot Springs, and that his brother, Roger, was a convicted drug dealer who was once taped during under-cover surveillance saying "got to get some for my brother, he's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner". You learn about sworn testimony that links Clinton to cocaine smuggling in the early 1980s. You learn that Clinton's chief of security in Little Rock was gunned down in 1993 by assassins who seem to be enjoying immunity.

Let us not forget the allegation that Bill and Hillary helped empty a bank called Madison Guaranty - but I will leave that to the special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr.

Bill Clinton is not the first president with the skeletons of the mob in his closet. Harry Truman, for instance, was a protege of the Pendergast crime machine in Kansas City. All you have to know about Bill Clinton is that he chose Patsy Thomasson - top lieutenant of convicted cocaine dealer Dan Lasater - to be his White House chief of personnel.

Once that has sunk in, you can start to understand how seriously this president has been compromised, and how much of a threat he could pose to the democratic system if allowed to get away with incremental abuse at a national level.

The Clintons wasted little time taking charge of the US Justice Department. All US Attorneys were asked to hand in their resignations. It was a move of breath-taking audacity, one that gave the Clintons control over the prosecutorial machinery of the federal government in every judicial district in the country.

They then set about eliminating the Director of the FBI, William Sessions, who was known for his refusal to countenance White House interference in the affairs of the Bureau. The post of FBI Director is supposed to be a 10-year appointment that puts it above politics. But Sessions was toppled in a Washington putsch, without a murmur of protest from America's press, and replaced by the hapless errand boy Louis Freeh. And I almost forgot, the Clintons installed their friend Webster Hubbell as "shadow" Attorney General- until Hubbell was jailed for Arkansas crimes.

When you are living through events day by day it is hard to know whether you are witnessing a historic turning point, or just mistaking the usual noise of politics for something meaningful. But there is no doubt that strange things have been going on in America.

The Clinton era has spawned an armed militia movement involving tens of thousands of people. The last time anything like this occurred was in the 1850s with the emergence of the southern gun clubs. It is easy to dismiss the militia as Right-wing nuts: it is much harder to read the complex sociology of civic revolt. At the very least the militias reveal the hatred building up against the irksome yuppies who run the country.

It is under this president that domestic terrorism has become a feature of life in America, culminating in the destruction of the Oklahama federal building on April 19, 1995. What set the deadly spiral in motion was the Waco assault two years before, and the cover-up that followed.

No official has ever lost a day's pay for precipitating the incineration of 80 people, most of them women and children, in the worst abuse of power since Wounded Knee a century ago. Instead of shame and accountability, the Clinton administration accused the victims of setting fire to themselves and their children, a posthumous smear that does not bear serious scrutiny. It then compounded the injustice by pushing for a malicious prosecution of the survivors.

Nothing does more to sap the life of a democracy than the abuse of power. Public trust is dangerously low. According to polls, barely a quarter of the American people now feel that they can count on the federal government to do the right thing.

A majority refuse to accept that Vincent Foster committed suicide, and they have good reason for their doubts. The paramedics and crime scene witnesses in Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993, tell a story that flatly contradicts the official findings. A police Polaroid shows a .22 calibre bullet wound in Foster's neck that the autopsy somehow failed to note. Are Americans to believe that Hillary Clinton's closest friend shot himself twice, with two different guns?

The Washington press corps has chosen not to report on this sort of thing, of course, because it always gives more weight to the utterings of an "official" source, with a title, than it does to the testimony of a common citizen. It has the matter backwards, in my opinion, because the "official" usually has the greater interest in lying.

Even so, the truth is getting out. Unauthorised stories are reaching the public through the samizdat links of the Internet and talk radio. From there it disseminates by word of mouth, spreading a thick layer of cynicism across the country.

Of all the bad things that Clinton has done to America, the worst is turning the FBI into a federal replica of the Arkansas State Police. Whether it is the persecution of dissident investigators in the air disasters of Pan Am 103 and TWA 800, or allowing the White House to peruse the secret files of political opponents, or the alledged intimidation of key witnesses in the Foster case, the FBI is starting to look like the enforcement arm of a police state.

The latest shocker is the decision to punish Frederic Whitehurst, the whistle-blower who first came forward with tales of corruption at the FBI crime labs. An internal inquiry has conceded that the lab tilted evidence "to incriminate the defendants" and cooked up the theory that a fertiliser bomb blew up the Oklahoma federal building after it found fertiliser at the house of a suspect, Terry Nichols. But the Justice Department seems more interested in denigrating Whitehurst, the lone hero of this sorry tale, than flagellating itself.

Look at the treatment of Carol Howe, the undercover informant who tracked the early stages of what appears to be the Oklahoma bombing conspiracy. The moment she surfaced as a threat to the "lone bomber" case against Timothy McVeigh, this January, she was indicted on criminal charges.

The FBI claims that she was dropped as an informant months before the bombing, but debriefing reports show the Bureau continued to receive her intelligence weeks after the blast. They also show that she named members of a neo-Nazi terrorist cell who had cased the Oklahoma federal building in December 1994 with the intention of bombing it. Yet the FBI did not follow up her reports. It conducted 26,000 witness interviews, most of them irrelevant, but could not find time to pursue the suspects who were specifically named by a paid informant.

This leaves the nasty suspicion that the FBI is shielding this neo-Nazi group in order to cover its own tracks. If it turns out that the bombing was a bungled sting operation by the FBI, as some of the victims are now alleging, the only fit response is to send bulldozers down Pennsylvania Avenue to flatten the Hoover Building once and for all.

A monument should be raised on the rubble of the FBI headquarters that reads Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? (Who Shall Guard the Guards?) as a warning to free-born Americans of the next millennium.

Is Bill Clinton to blame? Of course he is. Degradation spreads from the top down... Perhaps it is impolite for a London newspaper to say such things about a president of the United States. Many people think so...Critics tell me that I have invested too much emotion in my quarrel with the Clintons. To that I plead guilty. It comes from befriending so many of their victims. I am content to be blacklisted as the "mad scribbler" - as the Washington Post called me this week - for I am confident that one day historians are going to view Clinton as a the last great cad of the 20th century, or worse.

To the American people I bid a fond farewell. Guard your liberties. It is he trust of each generation to pass a free republic to the next. And if I know you right, you will rouse yourself from slumber to ensure exactly that.

All judge are mason ,

All are mason

Thank you. I know there is something going on in family court when a newly appointed judge joins the group, everyone is quiet on this day (whoo hoo, as I stated, silence is golden) and judge refuses that you read the charges, and crimes of their fellow kidnapper.


Freemasonry and the Law

An article in the 'Weekly Telegraph', 21-27 August 1996 has the headline "Freemason chosen for justice body.

The Government has defended its appointment of a freemason to head the commission to investigate miscarriages of justice.

....Sir .... ...., the chairman of the Criminal Cases Review Comission, was confirmed by Freemasons Hall in London as both a Freemason and a member of the Royal Arch, a group interested in studying the philosophy of freemasonry....

....The nub of concern is a 'ritual' involved in the Royal Arch which states that a Freemason should "relieve and befriend" any brother Freemason in need of help and should "suggest the most kindly and the most palliating and the most favourite circumstances in extenuation of his conduct, even when justly liable to reprehension and blame". End quote. (Emphasis added).

It is little wonder that such involved language was used in this statement. If simple English had been used, people would immediately be very upset with this clear manipulation and misuse of our law system.

Explanation of the above ritualistic statement:

Should, for example, a Freemason be guilty of a crime, it would be the task of the police Freemason, the judge Freemason, and the lawyer Freemason, (and any other Freemasons who belong to this Royal Arch degree), to get the charges against their fellow Freemason dropped.

Therefore, this could well be a clear case of the 'goat guarding the cabbage patch'.

But that's not all!

North American Freemasons in the third degree swear "I will keep a worthy brother Master Mason's secrets inviolable, when communicated to or received by me as such, murder and treason excepted."

In the Royal Arch degree of the York Rite, even that small qualification is summarily removed. The candidate swears that "I will keep all the secrets of a Companion Royal Arch Mason (when communicated to me as such, or I knowing them to be such), without exceptions."

At this degree, the candidate also swears that "I will not speak evil of a Companion Royal Arch Mason, behind his back nor before his face, but will appraise him of all approaching danger, if in my power."

Therefore, an officer of the court who knew of an arrest warrant sworn out against a brother Mason would have to warn him immediately so he could flee the jurisdiction.

A Mason who was told of a brother Mason's crimes, even including rape, robbery, or child abuse, would have to keep his knowledge of those crimes a secret, even in a court of law!

A Royal Arch Mason who knew of a Companion Mason's being a murderer or a traitor would have to keep his knowledge a secret.

If a Mason appears in court against a non-Mason, all he has to do is give any number of obscure gestures or words to a Masonic judge, and this man will be obligated to rule in his favour.

No one in the court room will be the wiser (except another Mason who would be forbidden from bringing the incident to light.)

In the light of this information, it is clear that any person connected with the law system of any country, should be forbidden to join any Lodge or secret society which could in any way interfere with his duties.

'London Times', 27 September 1996 - "Police to declare Masonic link.

All police officers will be asked to declare whether they are Freemasons under plans being prepared by chief constables to curb the organisation's links with forces.

Any officer who reveals he is a Freemason or a member of any other semi-secret organisation would have the details entered on a force register of interests. The declarations will be voluntary but if an officer stays silent and later faces allegations involving Freemasonry, his silence would count against him...

The guidance will make it clear that officers must avoid membership of any group which might lead to questions over their impartiality...

Many senior officers believe that the influence of the Freemasons is declining..." End quote.

It is little wonder then that from time to time unusual court rulings baffle the general public.


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