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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

“Baby's with no birth certificates nor social security numbers”

The document “Baby's with no birth certificates nor social security numbers” has been on this web
page ( for a considerable length of time, and in my view has not
gotten the attention it deserves. To provide some interest in its content and merit I have decided
to provide the following background information. Following the background information is the
original “Baby's with no birth certificates nor social security numbers” document. We often see
people whining about the actions taken by government with regards to ‘their’ children, but these
same people will chose to ignore the information available when the opportunity presents itself.
Acting on false assumptions instead of on facts assures that our actions will lead us into
unintended obstacles. You cannot reach desired goals by taking the wrong paths. In no case is
this more apparent than in the matter of dates of birth. Make the wrong assumption, and you will
grovel in inescapable slavery. Act on facts, and you will set yourself free. Here are some facts
that are relevant to the subject of dates of birth:
Like many, many other words, "birth" and "date" have precise legal meanings which if not
fully comprehended will lead us into great trouble.
Through long training, habit and repetition we come to associate our date of birth with
that day, month and year on which we squeezed, kicking and screaming from our mother's womb.
It's been a bad habit with terrible consequences for most of us. That day of our entrance into this
world is not the birth date of the person named on the birth certificate! We have been suffering
under a false assumption. It's high time we corrected the error.
BOUVIER'S LAW DICTIONARY (1867) defines "birth" as "the act of being brought
wholly into the world." In expanding on this succinct definition, Bouvier's remarks restrict the
legal meaning to the subject of actual, physical childbirth.
It goes without saying that a lot of water has passed under the bridge since Bouvier
penned his authoritative definition of "birth". The forms of government have been radically
altered, and in many instances words have been assigned different meanings. Sometimes the
differences are subtle; sometimes extreme.
Today, Black's Law Dictionary (Fifth Edition) defines "birth" to appear deceptively similar
to the definition given by Bouvier. Black's defines "birth" as "The act of being born OR wholly
brought into separate existence." The careless observer will discern no significant differences
between the definitions given by Bouvier and Black. But the differences are VERY
Bouvier does not provide a definition for "born". But if he had, we can discern from his
definition of "birth" that he would define "born" as describing a human birth.
Black's does provide its definition of "born" to mean:
"Act of being delivered or expelled from mother's body."
Black's definition for "born" is essentially identical to Bouvier's definition of "birth." And like
Bouvier's, Black's first definition of "birth" describes a human birth.
But Black's continues in his definitions of "birth", providing a different, alternate
definition, "...OR (the act of being) wholly brought into separate existence."
There is a subtle but significant difference between Bouvier's "brought wholly" and Black's
"wholly brought".
In the case of Bouvier's definition, "wholly" describes the total extent to which one comes
forth and separates from the womb; that not just parts of the new creature have exited and taken
on separate existence, but all of him. This refers only to a natural child/being.
Black's uses "wholly" to describe the extent to which a generic entity, not a human being,
is deemed to have experienced "birth." "Birth" by Black's second definition requires that the
subject be completely and totally brought into existence. The difference between "wholly
brought" and "brought wholly" is something of a brain-teaser, but meditate on it and the
difference will come to you.
Bouvier refers to the child being brought into the WORLD, the connotation being that
something real and substantial, observable by the senses has arrived on the planet.
Black's "brought into separate existence" can easily include a legal fiction or other artificial
entity, such as a name/person.
So far our inquiry has established that in modern legal jargon "birth" can mean the delivery
of a human child, OR the act of bringing into full and complete existence an artificial entity.
We find similar games played with the word, "DATE!
Bouvier defines "date" to mean, "The designation or indication in an instrument of writing
of the time AND PLACE when and WHERE it was made." More: "Written instruments generally
take effect FROM THE DAY OF THEIR DATE, but the actual day of execution may be shown,
though different from that which the instrument bears."
Black's convenient definition of "date" does not include THE PLACE WHERE THE
INSTRUMENT IS EXECUTED: "The specification or mention, in a written instrument, of the
time (day, month and year) when it was made (EXECUTED)." (Parentheses in original)
Black's defines "executed" as "COMPLETED: CARRIED INTO FULL EFFECT; already
done or performed; SIGNED; taking effect immediately; NOW IN EXISTENCE or in possession;
CONVEYING AN IMMEDIATE RIGHT OR POSSESSION. Act or course of conduct carried
to completion. Term imports idea that NOTHING REMAINS TO BE DONE."
The PLACE at which a written instrument is executed is of extreme significance to its
effect. For example, a statute enacted by the California legislature may have great effect on the
lives of Californians...but none on Oregonians. By deleting "place" as an element of the definition
of "date", Black's, the 'official' lawyers dictionary, minimizes the importance of "place" while
diverting attention away from its significance.
The birth certificate 'creates' an artificial entity. In the beginning that entity is merely a
name, attached to which are other names of state-certified parents, doctors, informants and
The certificate is a written instrument created by a 'registrar' who is an employee/agent of
a 'jurisdiction' of the place in which the certificate is created. Neither the registrar nor his
principal created the human baby who is merely grist for the certifying process. The only things
bureaucrats can create are artificial entities and 'legal' fictions.
A birth certificate is EXECUTED by signing, filing and recording it, which constitutes the
act of wholly bringing the certificate (and the artificial entity it creates) into separate (distinct,
unique) being. The subject matter of the written instrument (certificate) is the live birth of an
infant. But it is not the live birth that is EXECUTED by signing, filing and recording the
certificate. That had already been accomplished, usually several days before the filing, by
conception and gestation, consummated by a child being born. Neither the state nor its registrar
had anything to do with 'executing' the live birth of the child.
The "DATE" (specification in the written instrument of the time when it was executed) is
the day, month and year on which the certificate was signed and filed; i.e., the time it executed;
when the 'official name'/artificial entity/record, mentioned in the certificate was wholly brought
into separate existence. In other words, by Black's SECOND DEFINITION...the DATE of
BIRTH of the record/entity.
Natural persons (real, live, flesh and blood people) have birthdays which commemorate
Only state-certified NAMES have BIRTHDATES or DATES OF BIRTH! There is
nothing about these DATES in the nature of commemoration or memorial; nothing happy, sad, or
otherwise emotional about them. Such DATES OF BIRTH are merely cold, dispassionate facts
which testify to the time and place of birth of the certificate.
Except when he is applying for a benefit that is made available only to artificial,
state-certified persons, an individual is free to go by any name that pleases him. He is under no
legal or moral compulsion to use the name attributed to him on a birth certificate. However, if he
uses that name, or a similar variation of it, he should be very careful in separating the two; the
natural and artificial creatures. He must remember: HE IS NOT THE NAME AND THE NAME
For example...when he is acting 'as attorney' for the artificial being, he should provide its
BIRTHDATE when required by business dealings. Alternatively, when he wishes to enjoy the
Rights inherent in natural individuals, he will want to distinguish between DATES and days...and
never state that his BIRTHDATE is the same as his birthday. The safest course is to avoid
situations (such as applying for or using benefits) where the giving of a BIRTHDATE may be
'innocently' construed as intent to obligate the natural person.
Not too many decades ago, birth certificates were generally perceived as innocuous and
harmless. Most people believe them to be beneficial in that they established reliable records for
genealogies, and assisted in expediting inheritances, probate matters, and the like. Few people
were ALARMED by sinister implications surrounding birth certificates...or the potential for abuse
inherent in them. It was this very absence of fear or concern that permitted them to eventually be
used against us. NOBODY WAS WATCHING! Nobody was warning their children about the
dangers of birth certificates. Nobody was educating the people on how they could be used as
'government weapons against the people' ...or how the people could defend themselves from such
And today, most people still BELIEVE that birth certificates are harmless...and beneficial.
The danger with birth certificates is that, with just a little indoctrination by parents and
government schools, most people confuse the two entities involved (natural person and artificial
person). They do this primarily as a result of being trained from childhood to believe the DATE
OF BIRTH is synonymous with the day of birth. After a while most people cannot distinguish
between the name and their mortal being. They say, "I am John Smith" more frequently than they
will say "My name is 'John Smith'". It is this indoctrinated inability to distinguish between the two
that gets people in serious trouble.
They enter into adhesion contracts with 'government' agencies, that strip them of the
ability to exercise natural rights, and obligate them to all manner of demeaning servitude.
Black's defines "ADHESION CONTRACT" as a:
"Standardized contract form offered to consumers of goods and SERVICES on essentially 'take it
or leave it' basis without affording consumer realistic opportunity to bargain and under such
conditions that consumer cannot obtain desired product or SERVICES except by acquiescing in
form contract. Distinctive feature of adhesion contract is that weaker party has no realistic choice
as to its terms."
An intractable system of 'governance' has developed by which it is made difficult for the
natural person to exist, much less thrive, except by contract with 'government' agencies.
Adhesion contracts seem to be required of him to own and drive a car, own or rent property,
acquire food, gasoline...and most critically, to obtain the 'government' federal reserve notes
("cash") necessary to secure these 'benefits'.
Every such 'benefit' is made available only to artificial, state-chartered persons. To prove
that one is eligible for the benefits, he must produce a BIRTHDATE and often even the certificate
(instrument) that certifies the DATE given is accurate.
Do you see what happens? The contractor provides, not the DATE OF BIRTH of the
certificate, but his BIRTHDAY. The bureaucrat never argues, even though the face of the
certificate proves the applicant is lying. (The consumer is always right)! The bureaucrat merely
pushes the adhesion contract across the counter for the applicant's signature. The contract is
executed, and the natural person, who by association with the DATE OF BIRTH of an artificial
entity binds and obligates himself to whatever onerous specific performance will be required of
the contractor.
By submitting a BIRTHDATE, the contract ADHERES to the hapless individual.
Invariably, one condition of such contracts is that, should any controversies arise, the applicant
agrees to let the matter be arbitrated in the "company courts". Neither natural rights nor
'constitutional rights' are issues, nor are they permitted expression in such courts.
End of Background
Original posting of “Baby's with no birth certificates nor social security numbers” begins on the
next page...
without Social Security Numbers &
without Birth Certifications (Birth Certificates)
Making the Decision:
This essay is the result of an encouragement by my dad, who was, to some
degree, responsible for the status of my daughter, now over two years old. In
conversations with my father since the birth of my daughter, he thought it might be
beneficial to others to share my hospital experience with those who may be
wondering about such matters. Having been ‘talked’ into sharing my experience, I
take up pen (now computer) to share those thoughts that led up to birthing a baby
girl who holds no Social Security number nor any county (government) issued ‘Birth
Certification’ (Birth Certificate), and to share the events within the hospital in
refusing the allowance of these government identifications.
The decision to do this, although easy in the end, was somewhat of a
torturous path to travel. I have two children, a boy of several years and now a
daughter. Even before my son was born, my father had spoke with me about various
topics dealing with the devious nature of government. Although at that time I was in
my early twenties and believed, as I thought most American’s believed, that our
government was a champion of the under dog, the oppressed and those in need. I
did not feel that our government would intentionally take advantage of our fellow
When my father talked with me about the transgressions of government at
Ruby Ridge and at Waco, Texas, I could not help but think that he had taken a walk
off the map. Our government would not murder innocent people, especially children,
as he was saying took place at Waco. I did not think he was intentionally lying, dad
does not lie, but I did think that he was wholly mistaken. In my mind, I had
rationalized that our government had some justified reason to ‘go after those
people’, even if that reason wasn’t readily apparent.
My father, despite my beliefs, kept the conversation alive from time to time,
sharing information and showing me things he had discovered about the actions and
coverup in which government agents & officials were involved. Apparently to
maintain the ‘status quo’ within society.
Examining for myself the evidence that my dad presented to me for my
review caused a shift in my perception about our government. This was evidence,
not, not conjecture and not the opinion of my father. It was being collected and
presented by many rational people, some of them within the law enforcement
Whether or not it is intentional, the lack of education in our public school
system taught me well to believe in the goodness and humanity of our government.
The dilemma in which I was caught, was a knowledge that 1) my father would not
intentionally mislead me; 2) that my father is not a stupid man who is easily swayed,
either by self serving patriots nor by government; 3) that my father and my
government were in direct conflict on a number of critical matters and; 4) that if my
father was sufficiently concerned to keep bringing up government actions, it was
time for me to conduct my own independent investigation. Primarily to solidify in
my own mind which story to believe. The difference between what I wanted to
believe and the evidence being presented to me could not co-exist in my mind. In
determining the actual truth I could lay to rest the conflict occurring in my mind and
maybe make my dad eat crow.
And so I began doing some research of my own into some of the premises
dad had been putting forth. Premises that went far and beyond the events of Ruby
Ridge and Waco, Texas. I read books, surfed the Internet, investigated our
country’s founding documents, examined the interpretation of our founding
documents in court decisions, paying special attention to the burdens of citizenship
of both the State Citizen, and the United States Citizen. I must admit, that as I began
this trek, I was not even aware that there was a clear difference between citizens of
a State, and citizens of the United States. However, I was to learn that, as put forth
in the Slaughterhouse Cases (a supreme court decision), Americans do not
necessarily hold both citizenship classes, and there is considerable difference
between the burdens of each. I examined old history and law books and compared
them to current ones.
To my surprise, dad had been correct in each and every assertion he had
made. The ‘commercial burdens’ of the United States citizens were the means by
which corporate government was taking the earnings and property from this class of
citizenship. Yet, it is not the purpose of this document to explain those matters in
detail, only to provide sufficient background that the reader will understand my
decision of citizenship for my daughter.
After engaging in considerable reading and research I had came to understand
that those of us holding a social security number, driver’s license, county issued
birth certificate, marriage license, or any other permit or license were being duped
by our government. Duped into entering into a contract which we no obligation to
enter. A contract which gives corporate government power and control over our
lives. We are being tricked into believing we are a free people when we are
anything but free. All of the above mentioned documents bind us to a jurisdiction
that has expanded beyond its constitutionally granted ten mile square allotment in
order to enslave the American people and hold us as surety for the national debt.
The research provided a realization that the county issued birth certificate and
federal social security number were a contractual means for the government to make
living souls into corporate entities (what we call a legal fiction) in order to gain
control of our lives and property. These contractual obligations make us subject to
the jurisdiction of the corporate United States and the Uniform Commercial Code,
of which almost all of our current law is based on. Taking note that there is a
difference between these united States (this refers to the sovereign States of the
republic that joined together to form a Union) and the United States ( a corporation
created by an act of Congress: 16 United States Statutes at Large 419; FORTY
FIRST CONGRESS, SESSION III; CHAPTER 62, 1871). This act created a
corporate UNITED STATES, a completely separate entity from the Republic of
these united States of America. In short, it forms a means by which the American
people may be tricked.
And believe me, I understand more than you know the reaction you may have
to such statements. I had them when my father was sharing this information with
me. As I have previously stated, I did not believe it possible for our ‘grand’ and
‘great’ government to be capable of such devious actions. It was very hard for me to
fathom so many government officials, military personnel (to some extent), and
police officers (to some extent) were either being bought off through employment
and benefits, or intimidated (frightened) so badly they would sell out their own
people as well as their own children and families. I had believed in the checks and
balances put in place by our founding fathersand designed into our government
structure in a way that would never allow for such mass deceit of the people. Or so I
Although it was my father who was the catalyst for research, it was the
research itself that brought me to understanding and then to feel at least some
responsibility for the ignorance of others in my life. How could I, or for that
matter, how could anyone turn their backs from the truth of what is occurring
right now in our country? While in the beginning I thought that there was probably
only a 10% chance my father was correct, I had learned he was 100% correct, and
knowing this would not allow me to continue as I always had, believing that
government would do the honorable thing. I could no longer take that chance with
those I love. My father had apologized to me and my brother, stating that if he knew
as a young man what he knows now, neither of us would have had government
issued birth certificates nor social security numbers. Now, as a parent with
knowledge and understanding, it is my turn to step up to the plate.
Thus, the decision to birth my daughter without acquiring a government
issued birth certification or social security number was an easy one. Even when my
choice was based upon the partial and incomplete facts that were available to me at
the time I made this decision. In my heart and mind there just really wasn’t any
other choice because I wanted my daughter to enjoy the freedom that so many
Americans died to provide at the beginning of our county. To enjoy a freedom that
has been lost through ignorance by so many Americans. I did not want to sell my
daughter into slavery just to save a few dollars on my income taxes. I realize that
these statements may be inflammatory to some, but I feel confident that if you do
your homework and research in this matter, you will change your perspective and
agree that I have made the best possible decision on behalf of my daughter.
Unfortunately, I had not been as well informed when my son was born. Oh, I
had the opportunity to be informed, I chose not to be informed, not to believe. As I
once read:
“The mark of a stupid man is not that he does not know,
it is that he chooses not to know!”
As such I will be changing my son’s status as soon as possible, given what I now
know. My husband and I will avoid asking the government for any kind of
assistance be it medical, income, retirement, or housing. These are the ways the
government traps individuals in the claws of its corporate jurisdiction, by getting
you to contract with them. Government engineers the crisis and then provides a
mediocre solution, if you will just contract with them, and give them jurisdiction
over your life. My children will learn to be responsible for themselves and if they
need help, to lean on those who truly care about them, rather than depend on the
government to take care of them. The government is not the parent nor part of my
family and should not be responsible for me or my children. It is not right for me or
my children to expect other hard working people, trying to raise their family, to
support mine. A lesson learned from my father.
Determining the consequences:
Now, that the decision had been made to avoid contracting with the
government on my daughter’s behalf, I needed to check into aspects of her life that
will be of immediate concern upon her birth. Both of my children would be taking
advantage of public education. I had to check with the school to find out if a social
security number was required for enrollment into school - it was not. I also checked
to see if the hospital birth certificate was adequate documentation to enroll a child
into school, and I found that the hospital issued birth certificate is adequate
documentation for the school.
The hospital and birth day (never allow the use of the term
“Birth Date”):
After determining this, I was ready to proceed with my plans concerning my
daughter’s citizenship status. After having a baby it is standard policy for hospital
staff to bring in paperwork to be filled out and completed by the parents, to get the
newborn a social security number. I simply refused to fill it out or sign anything to
do with social security, being polite but firm. The person in charge of getting this
paperwork filled out and turned in, did attempt to pressure me by stating that when
grown my daughter will not be able to work or conduct any personal business
without that number. I politely responded that she was misinformed and that I was
certain that my daughter needed no permission from the government to carry out the
things she will do in her life. In one last attempt on the Social Security number I was
told that a social security card would be much more difficult to obtain later. I
informed her that didn’t matter to me and she went on to the next thing, the birth
certificate. Again I refused to sign or authorize anything to do with a government
birth record. This lady and I went through a similar discussion as with the social
security number. She told me that I would have difficulty proving my child’s identity
and enrolling her in school. I informed her that I had checked into that matter and
that neither a social security number or the county birth certificate is required to
enroll in school. If necessary, I could sign an affidavit as to my daughter’s identity
and status until she was old enough to sign one of her own.
With this, the lady folded and indicated that she didn’t want to argue with me.
The important thing to realize here is that both of these documents are contracts
which create a disability (a liability or obligation) upon your child. Not to put too
fine a point on it, but these contracts with government lack full disclosure and/or
equal consideration. (Necessary elements to a legally binding agreement.)
Additionally, they are accomplished under fraud and deception by virtue of the lack
of full disclosure. These contractual obligations, if entered into, give the
government control of your child, making the government the parent and you the
babysitter. In short, this is the legal process: 1) The Birth Certification is registered
with the bureau of vital statistics; 2) Whenever you “register” (not record) anything
in any “public registry” you have placed the object identified (in this case your
child) into international commerce and transferred “legal title” to the government,
retaining only “equitable title” to yourself. You may ‘use’ the registered item, but
is not your property, you have transferred it to the government. Thus, when you
register your children, as is done with the issuance of a ‘birth certification’, you
have given the government legal title, retaining equitable title to yourself. This is
why the government may now take the children and place them wherever they wish.
They are protecting their legal property. Check it out for yourself. Mary’s book is a
good place to begin. Available at
The benefits:
At the end of my hospital stay I walked out with a citizen of the Republic of
California, instead of a United States citizen. As an individual outside corporate
jurisdiction, she will have no taxable income, this ‘benefit[???]’ being reserved for
those citizens inside corporate jurisdiction. She will not pay social security, another
‘benefit’ for those citizens inside a corporate jurisdiction. She will not have a drivers
license, nor vehicle registration for her car, both are requirements for those under
corporate [commercial] jurisdiction, as such they do not apply to her. She will be
completely and totally responsible for herself, the first requirement of freedom. No
social security, no disability compensation, no workman’s compensation, etc. It
does not mean that she can not have these benefits, it just means that she will have
to purchase them privately, but not from government.
As her parents, we cannot claim her on our income taxes. This is because
government has no responsibility for her, as such they can not claim a need for
collection or deduction on her behalf. As stated, she is outside the control and
jurisdiction of corporate government. It is important to note here that she is not
outside the law (of the Republic), but she has no connection (contractual nexus) to
corporate commercial law of the corporate United States. She is not in that
Obviously, there is much I will need to teach her in order to prepare her to
protect the freedom and status of citizenship she will enjoy. But after all, is that not
what parenting is all about? It will be a long road and I suspect it will require my
husband and I to keep up with the changes government may institute to trap the
ignorant and unwary. There is a quote from an author that I admire that is very
applicable here...
“Freedom is easily lost. All it takes is willful indifference.” - Terry Goodkind
For myself, I have determined that I am not going to be one of the willfully
indifferent Americans that watches freedom slip away just because the changes
taking place do not seem to affect the everyday affairs of my life. I am wise enough
to understand that although it is not my ox that is gored today, if I allow my
neighbors ox to be gored, it is only a matter of time until it is mine. In a free society,
all we have to protect us, from the power of corrupt government, is each other. The
noose is tightening around our necks, and because of our own ignorance and our
own indifference, our rights have been usurped, because there is an entity out there
that is willing to wait the amount of time it takes for those who knew of the dangers
of a strong central government to forget, or give up or disappear through age and
death. I think, that there has been a general lack of concern by most Americans that
exists because of a general belief that those who founded America had finally put
something in place to protect those who would come after. Unfortunately, I think we
have become much too complacent, I know that I was... for a while. We have lost
our ability to see what absolute power is and what it looks like. It is a patient,
sneaky, devious, and evil foe, and it waits for the moment when there is no true
citizens of the Republic left for our Constitution to protect, at which time the
Constitution dies for lack of representation. My daughter is one of those who stands
in the way of that occurring, because she is a true citizen of the Republic of the
united States of America.
I have opened my private life and share this information with you for
whatever value it may have. For now, I wish to remain anonymous, simply because I
do not trust the government. Citizens, like my daughter, represent the greatest threat
to the total take over of our country and lives. And, remembering Waco, I do not
wish to place her (and us as a family) at undue risk.

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  1. Hello, I am hoping to receive a response, My 3 boys 4.3.1 in age were taken by CPS. Only, the two youngest do not have birth certificates nor social security numbers. How do I go about their return to me, when they are holding them against all consent and will.