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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Institutionalized corruption at the FBI

A few weeks ago, we presented historical
information about serious corruption within the
Department of Justice and the FBI.

Using material from John Loftus' "America's
Nazi Secret" we showed how Alan Dulles
partnered with Nazi war criminals to help
cover up Corporate America's role in supporting
the Nazi government.

Forty years later, another head of the CIA.
George Bush Sr, partnered with a new generation
of Arab Nazis now known as Al Queda.

Corruption at this level continues right up to
this present today's video shows.

Foreign spies inside the FBI?

Protected by the Director and the head of the Department of Justice?

You better believe it.

One of the best accounts of the FBI and
Department of Justice cover-up of the
facts of the 911 attack.

Happily participated in by Congress
and the White House.


There are good guys (and gals) out there.

And they are routinely shot down by the media,
Congress and their own agencies.

Part Three of the film you can't see in America
"Kill the Messenger"


How did Pakistan get nuclear weapons?

All roads lead to Israel.

And the Justice Department helped cover
it up.

No wonder the FBI wanted to gag Sibel Edmonds
- and why this film can't get a screening in
the US.


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