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True Bill

((Page 1
(All Supreme Sovereign Rights Retained/Maintained For The Supreme Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle Island: Land Venue.)

True Original Land Stewards: Original Creditors:
Original Benefactors: Original Beneficiaries:
Call: 1 204 282 0719 In Canada: High King Chief Scott Phillip Hayes,
Crown Fiduciary Trustee: Grantor Heir And Successor To Original Trust For The Trade And Commerce Upon The Great Turtle Island:


Bill Of Indictment: CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES: Present And Past: Al Et Al: TREASON: As Documented Herein:

1. Comes Now The True: Original Land Stewards: Original Creditors: Original

2. Benefactors: Original Beneficiaries: Heirs And Successors: Men And Women

3. On The Land: Habitants On This The Great Turtle Island (Also Referenced As

4. “Original Nations: 3,000”): United States Of America Nationals: Inhabitants Of

5. The Holding Territories: Inhabitants Of All Union States (50) Usurped By The

6. Bankrupt United States Of America Inc. By Fraudulent Claims dba

7. Corporation: Corporator: With Charges Of:

8. 1: High Treason: Collusion: RICO: Land Theft: Abrogation Of All Original
Treaties With Original Land Stewards: Original Creditors: Original Benefactors:
Original Beneficiaries: Heirs And Successors: Men And Women On The Land:
Habitants On This The Great Turtle Island:

9. 2: Breach Of: Article 1 Section 3[7]: Article 1 Section 3[6]: Article VI [3]: Oath And Affirmation: Constitution Of The United States Of America.

10. 3: Breach Of Fiduciary Trustee Responsibilities Relating To The Bankruptcy Act Of 1933 (June 5, 1933): Public Law 89-719: National (Emergency) Banking Act: March 9, 1933(1): 48 Stat. 1. Bankrupt And Insolvent: Failed To Lawfully Notify The True Original Land Stewards: Original Creditors: Original Benefactors: Original Beneficiaries: Men And Women On The Land: Habitants On This The Great Turtle Island: United States Of America Nationals: Inhabitants Of The Holding Territories: And Inhabitants Of All Union States (48) Usurped By The United States Inc. By Fraudulent Claims dba Corporation: Corporator:

11. 4: H.J.R. 192: 73RD Congress In Session June 5, 1933 Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard And Abrogate The Gold Clause Dissolving The Fraudulently Claimed
Sovereign Authority Of The United States Of America And The Official Capacities
Of All United States Of America Government Offices: Officers: Departments
Turned Over To The Receivers Of The Bankruptcy: And That The United States Of America Exists Today In Name Only: Title 28. PART VI. CHAPTER 176:
Subchapter A - §3002: (De Facto Government).

Page 2
12. Definitions: United States Of America A.K.A. United States:§3002 Definitions:
(15) "United States" Means-
(A) A Federal Corporation
(B) An Agency: Department, Commission, Board, Or Other Entity Of The
United States: Or
(C) An Instrumentality Of The United States.

1 “It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; Declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent H. J. R. 192, 73rd. Congress in session June 5, 1933 - Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Government Offices, Officers and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only. Bold added. (Speech by Representative Traficant (Oh) who Reports On The 3rd Bankruptcy Of The United States, United States Congressional Record, March 1, 1993 VOL. 33, page H-

13. Fraud By Trickery: President Roosevelt Stated In His Executive Order(s):

14. 6073: 6102: 6111: 6260: The United States Went Bankrupt: By Authority

15. Vested In Section 5(b) Of The Act Of October 6, 1917: War Powers: State Of

16. Emergency Existed: Senate Report 93-549(2): Pages 187: 594:1973. In 1933

17. What Nation Were We At War With? By This Act Alone President Roosevelt

18. Committed TREASON And Violated His Oath And Bond For Failure To

19. Preserve And Protect The Constitution Of The United States Of America: As

20. Did Congress: Aiding And Abetting: Collusion: RICO: TREASON. Exactly

21. How Many Time Has This Nation Been Bankrupt That Any Legitimate

22. Auditing Firm Would Not Recommend Fail Safe Measures To Prevent It Form

23. Happening Again? Exactly How Many Audits Of The Financial Records Of

24. These United States Of America Have Ever Been Conducted? What

25. Financial Records Were Ever Presented To The Congress Of These United

26. States Giving Warning That The Nation Was About To Go Bankrupt Prior To

27. President Roosevelt's Sudden State Of Emergency: Subsequent Executive

28. Orders? I: David-Lee; Buess: Asked For Audits Of All Financial Records Of

29. These United States Of America Some 8-years Ago And Was Ignored By

30. Congress: General Accounting Office. How Many Declarations Of Peace

31. Have Ever Been Given After Any "War": "Conflict": The Federal Power Has

32. Engaged In? World War 1: I Believe: Ended In 1918 So How Is It Roosevelt

Page 3
33. Invokes War Legislation: IE The Act Of October 6, 1917: Trading With The

34. Enemy: Amended By Section 2 Of The Act Of March 9, 1933 To Declare A

35. State Of Emergency And Adding U. S. Citizens As The Enemy: Fraud By

36. Trickery: Fraud In The Inducement: Honest service Fraud I Have Just

37. Covered The First Paragraph Of Executive Order 6102: Gold Confiscation Of

38. April 5, 1933: Fraud Voids Everything.

39. Historically Speaking: The Facts Can Point Back To The Lieber Codes: Signed By

40. Lincoln On April 24, 1863: Beginning With General (Executive) Order Number 100:

41. Article XXXII: Which Reads In Part: “There has never been a ‘Treaty Of Peace’

42. ending the Civil War: We Are Still Under These Rules.” (We Suffer Under A

43. Perpetual State Of War Waged By The Federal Power Against The People And the

44. Union States (50)) As There Has Never Been Any Treaty Of Peace Offered To End

45. The Civil War As Required By Said Lieber Codes Which Continue In Full

46. Force And Effect To This Day) Confirmed By Senate Report 93-549 “War and

47. Emergency Powers Acts”.

2 New Deal historian William E. Leuchtenburg writes:
When he sent his banking bill to Congress, the House received it with much the same ardor as it had greeted Woodrow Wilson's war legislation. Speaker Rainey said the situation reminded him of the late war when "on both sides of this Chamber the great war measures suggested by the administration were supported with practical unanimity....Today we are engaged in another war, more serious even in its character and presenting greater dangers to the Republic." After only 38 minutes debate, the House passed the administration's banking bill, sight unseen.

48. Political Jurisdiction: 1818: U. S. v. Beavans: 16 U. S. 336 Established 2

49. (Two) Political Jurisdictions: Each Having Citizens Of Their Own: 1) The

50. Federal Zone: Territories Occupied By The Bankrupt United States: IE:

51. Guam: Puerto Rico: Virgin Islands: Washington, District Of Columbia: IE:

52. U.S. Citizens: The IRS Only Has Jurisdiction Within The Federal Zone: 2)

53. The Union States Now (50): “Indian” Reservations Not Mentioned.

54. 1945:Hoover & Allison v. Evatt, 65 Set: 870, 880: 321 U.S. 652 89 Led

55. 12.52 Congress Writes Legislation For Both But Fail To Distinguish As To

56. Which Political Jurisdiction This Legislation Applies: FRAUD. As The Federal

Page 4
57. Corporation: De Facto: All Executive Orders Are Fraud In The Inducement:

58. Criminal Fraud: RICO: Collusion: TREASON: And All Legislative Acts Are

59. Corporate Policy Not Law.

60. Please Provide The Following: Your Current Jurisdiction: Prove Original

61. Lawful Trading Post Venue Jurisdiction On This Land: Lawful Ceding Of This

62. Land: Competent Boundaries To The British Accreditation Registry: B.A.R.:

63. Prove Pattern Of Non-Bankruptcy To Your Claim Of Commerce Venue

64. Jurisdiction: Proof Is Required To Knowledge Of Queen Victoria's Repeal

65. Section 2 Of The British North American Act (B.N.A.) Forbidding Heirs And

66. Successors From The Franchises: NORTH AMERICA: CANADA: MEXICO:


68. To Empirical Morality: Demonstrating The Words Of The

69. Christ/Pharaoh/Caesar: Proof Is Required The COURT(S) Are Not Involved

70. To The Allodial Title Scheme Behind The Veil Of The Rings Of The Three

71. Cities: Proof Is That The COURT(S) Are Not Profiting From Public Office As

72. Well As Bond Scheme On Dunn And Bradstreet: Proof Is Required No

73. Sacrifices Have Been Made In The COURT(S): Proof Is Required That THE

74. COURT(S) Are Not Hosting Military/Admiralty/Martial Law Flag Scheme IE

75. COLOR OF LAW: In COURT(S). Sir: What Is The Name Of The King Whose

76. Laws The COURT(s) Are Using? Is It King Elizabeth the II? All COURT(S)

77. JUDICIARY MUST RESEARCH And Answer All Above Questions Or Prove

78. Their Incompetence: Thereby Forfeit Oath And Bond(s). Do These

79. COURT(S) Practice Hebrew Law: Feudal Law: Corporate Policy: Complete

80. Transparency Is Demanded. Definition(s): ((U. S.): u. s.: (U. S. A).: (u. s. a.):

81. (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA): (United States Of America): (UNITED

82. STATES): (United States): (U.S. OF A.) (u. s. of a.): Al Et AI)): Are One.

83. Unless Government Actually Owns The Land They Have No Lawful

Page 5
84. Jurisdiction: Sovereign Rights: Al Et AI: Thus Have No Lawful Right To Make

85. Laws: Statutes: Ordinances: Corporate Policy. As This Land AKA As The


87. AMERICA) (SOUTH AMERICA] Exists As Corporate Fictions And Have

88. Violated All Treaties: 4,300: By Non-Payment: To 3,000 Nations: All Treaties

89. Are Hereby Called: Due And Payable. This Notification Completed By

90. Serving Of The "Lawful Stitution" Upon The (World COURT): (UNITED

91. STATES SUPREME COURT) (Masonic Temple) (Child Protective Service)

92. Through Out Turtle Island: (FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION):

93. (UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE): Governors Of All Union States




97. In Excess Of 45-Days: Your Offices Are Now Our Offices: This Land Now

98. Reverts And Devolves Back To The Original People From Which It Was

99. Stolen And The Corporate Fictions Mentioned Above Hold No Lawful

100. Jurisdiction Or Standing Whatsoever: Owe The Outstanding Debt For All

101. Unpaid Abrogated Treaties: Plus Damages And Reparations: Total Yet To

102. Be Determined: Hundreds Of Trillions Gold And Silver.

103. It Is Important To Make This Perfectly Clear Now As Our Lawful Right Of

104. Claim: Jurisdiction: Lawful Ownership Of Land Is Hereby Established As

105. Genocide Has Occurred. President Roosevelt's' Executive Orders Are

106. Fraud In The Inducement: Criminal Fraud: Extortion And By Adding The

107. Threat Of A $10,000.00 Dollars (Ten Thousand Dollars) Fine Then Scared

108. The Uneducated People Of These Political Jurisdictions To Hand Over

109. Their Gold And Silver To The Treasury: How Many Of Them Knew They

110. Were Not “Persons” As Defined In The Executive Order: Or That They Were

111. Not Federal Employees: Officials: Or Corporations? The People In The

Page 6
112. Private Had The Right To Keep All Their Gold. The Innocent And

113. Uninformed People Unknowingly Handed Over Their Jewelry. Hoard As

114. Defined(3)(4) Does Not State You Cannot Own Gold: Thus It Is Collusion:

115. Fraud By Trickery: To Steal The Peoples Treasury: By International

116. Bankers Under The Federal Reserve Act: And Eliminate The Payments

117. Established By Treat Agreements In Gold And Silver To The Original 3,000

118. Nations: True Original Land Stewards: Original Creditors: Original

119. Benefactors: Originals Beneficiaries: Heirs And Successors': Genocide Had

120. Occurred. No Treaty Was Ever Renegotiated By Either The President Or

121. Congress. Thus The Gold Standards Act Had No Force And Effect Against

122. The Already Established Treaties. Thus No Force And Effect On Either

123. Political Jurisdiction As No Amendment To The Constitution Was Ever

124. Presented To The People Of The Union States To Ratify: To Authorize The

125. President And Or Congress To Abrogate the Gold Clause: Violation Of Oath

126. And Bond: TREASON.(5) Fraud By Trickery: Under A State Of Emergency

127. The Constitution Was Suspended: Thus The Federal Government As We

128. Have Discovered Was Overthrown By The Federal Employees: Executive

129. Branch:

130. Background:

131. Since 1861: When Congress Adjourned Sine Die: The People Have Been

132. Governed By Martial Rule Under The Lieber Codes: Article III: Reads In

133. Part, “Martial Law in a hostile country consists in the suspension, by the

134. Occupying military authority of the criminal and civil law, and of the domestic

135. Administration and government in the occupied place or territory, and in the

136. Substitution of military rule and force of the same, as well as in the dictation

137. of general laws, as far as military necessity Requires this suspension,

3 Hoard v. As Defined: BLACKS LAW DICTIONRARY 8TH EDITION: To Acquire And hold (goods) beyond one's reasonable needs, usu. Because of an actual or anticipated shortage or price increase hoarding food and medical supplies during time of war:
4 Webster" n. Hidden supply: v. accumulate and store away (money, etc).

Page 7

138. substitution or dictation.” Article VII Of Same Reads:

139. “Martial Law extends to property, and to persons, whether they are subjects

140. of the enemy or aliens to that government.” The Creation of Emergency War

141. Powers Invoked by President Lincoln: Implemented By the Military: And

142. Continued By All Subsequent Presidents. The Legislative And Judicial

143. Branches As Co-Equal Branches Of Government: Exist In Name Only:

144. Being Ruled By The Executive Branch: All Presidents Function As

145. Commanders-In-Chief: That Same Emergency War Powers Roosevelt Used

146. In 1933 To Declare A Banking Holiday: Institute New Banking Regulations:

147. And in 1938 Restructure The Common Law Courts to A Statutory Court

148. System Based On Contracts. The Nation Now Functions As A De Facto

149. Government: Under A Presidential Dictatorship. TREASON. All Legislative

150. Acts Are Fraud In The Inducement: Civil Fraud: Civil RICO: Treason As

151. Congress And The Presidents: Present And Past: By Signing Legislative

152. Acts And Voting Upon Them Are In Direct Violation Of This Ruling Of The

153. United States Supreme Court: (Key Case (1920) Eisner v. Macomber, 252,

154. U.S. 189,206) ... "Congress by legislation… cannot altar the Constitution

155. from which it derives it's power to Legislate and within whose limitations

156. alone that power can be lawfully Exercised." Then Add 16 American Jurist

157. Prudence Section 177: ... "Any law written in violation of this Constitution is

158. as though it were never written.” The Fraud Scheme: Declare State Of

159. Emergency Then Suspend The Constitution.

160. History Of Bank Fraud

161. The Secret Meeting At Jekyll Island Established The Federal Reserve In

162. 1913 By An Act Of Congress Without A Quorum: On A Christmas Eve: The

5 Treason: n. BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 8TH EDITION: The offense of attempting to overthrow the
government of the state to which one owes allegiance, either by making war against the state or by materially supporting its enemies. - Also termed high treason: alta prodito. CF SEDITION: [Cases: Teason Key Case 1. C.J.S.Treason §§ 2-3, 5] treasonable, treasonous, adj.

Page 8
163. Scheme Is Unlawfully Put Into Motion: Federal Reserve Act: Federal

164. Reserve Bank: The Central Bank: Federal Reserve Banks: Other Banks:

165. Credit Unions: Established To Buy Up All Financial Instruments Other

166. Banks Could Not Purchase: To Follow: Federal Reserve Notes: Al Et Al.

167. Criminal Fraud Is Not Committed By The Government: As It Exists In Name

168. Only: Thus It Is Federal Employees: Crown Employees: Members Of The

169. Judiciary: Have Thus Committed Private Man/Woman Liable Ability To

170. These Matters: A Government Cannot Commit Treason Against It ‘self: It

171. Is The Employee: Those Elected To Office: Appointed To Office: Hired To A

172. Job Description Who Commit These Treasonous Acts By Collusion: RICO:

173. Fraud Whom Are Acting As Members Of The Legislative: Executive: Judicial

174. Branches Of A Government Thus They Have Become Paper Terrorists:

175. Homegrown Terrorists.

176. Pyramid Schemers:

177. The Federal Reserve Note: A Debt Instrument: A Check Written On A

178. Treasury That Does Not Exist: Bearing The Name Of The Debtor: The

179. Federal Reserve Note: Is In The Shape Of A Pyramid: Reference See

180. Currency Entitled Federal Reserve Note: The Pyramid Exists. The Debt

181. Created By Federal Reserve Note Is Only Prevented From Collapse By

182. Raising The Debt Ceiling As The Base Widens: Collusion.

183. Substitute Money: Federal Reserve Note:

184. How Do You Pay Debt With A Debt Instrument: The Federal Reserve Note

185. Merely Discharges The Debt: It Does Not Lawfully Pay A Debt. To Pay A

186. Debt It Must Be Done With Something Of Value: IE: Gold: Silver: Barter:

187. Commodity. The Federal Reserve Note Is Fraudulently Backed By The Land Assets

188. Of The True Original Land Stewards: Original Creditors: Original Benefactors:

189. Original Beneficiaries: (Reference: Lines: 1-7): And Full Faith, Credit

190. And Slave Labor Of The Immigrant Labor Force: Under The Bankruptcy Act

Page 9
191. Of 1933. The World Bank: IMF Controls The Fate Of Nations By This

192. Banking Fraud And Commodities Fraud Scheme As All Nations Were

193. Induced And Forced Into Involuntary Bankruptcy In 1933 Not Just The

194. ((UNITED STATES)) (United States)) Al Et Al.

195. Receivers Of The Bankruptcy: International Bankers, via The United

196. Nations:

197. The United Nations: A Child Of Great Britain As Agent For The Vatican:

198. Thus They Are The Receivers Of The Bankruptcy Along With: International

199. Monetary Fund, Inc. Trust Account: World Bank: United States Secretary Of

200. Treasury Appointed "Governor" Of The International Monetary Fund: Public

201. Law 94-564 Page 8: Section H.R. 13955 Reads In Part: The U. S. Secretary

202. Of Treasury Receives No Compensation For Representing The United

203. States: The United Nations Was Not Established As An Organization Until

204. 1945: Fraud By Trickery: A 12-Year Gap.

205. New Government For The United States:

206. Receivers Of The Bankruptcy Now Give The United States A New

207. Corporate Shell: A Democratic: Socialist: Communist Order: Constitution

208. Defunct: The Act Instituted And Established By Transferring And Placing

209. The Office Of Secretary Of Treasury To That Of Governor: TREASON: De

210. Facto Government Established: Collusion: RICO.


212. Inflation Rate Is Invisible Taxation Which Irresponsible Traitors In Congress

213. Allow The Federal Receivers And The IMF To Foist A Fictitious Unending

214. Debt On All Peoples Of These Lands/ Nations. The Federal Reserve Has

215. An Unlimited Supply Of Counterfeit Money By Merely Turning On The

216. Presses And Printing. Add To The Mix Price Controls By The Oil Cartel To

217. Artificially Force The Price Of Crude Oil To Extreme Levels: Plus The

218. Scams Created By The Commodities Exchange: And You Have Global

Page 10
219. Inflation Which Forces The Prices Of Everything We Purchase. Why Are

220. Speculators Allowed To Trade If Not To Force Prices Up: False Demand On

221. All Commodities? A Hidden Tax Increase? Inflation? The Rise Of Sales

222. Taxes Without Representation: Rising Transportation Costs. Add The

223. Engineered Instability In The Middle East And The Reaction Of The

224. Commodities Exchange And World Prices Rise To Extreme Levels. Add

225. The Currency Exchange And You Now Have A Master Plan To

226. Economically Destroy The Middle Class And World Markets.

227. Federal Reserve And Joint Stock Trust

228. Federal Reserve Is Based On Canon Law: (Canon Law Trust) Principle Of

229. Sovereignty Protected In The Constitution: Bill Of Rights. (CONGRESS)

230. Congress: Legislation Makes It Illegal For Any "Person" To Duplicate A

231. "Joint Stock Trust" The Federal Reserve Act Was Legislated Ex-post Facto

232. To 1870: Even Though The Constitution At Section 9[3] Forbids Ex-post

233. Facto Laws. The Power Structure: Separate And Distinct From The Federal

234. United States Is Established By The Federal Reserve System As A Maritime

235. Lender: Insurer: Underwriter To The Federal United States Operating

236. Exclusively In Admiralty: Maritime Law: British Law: Compelling Specific

237. Performance In Paying Interest: Premiums On The Counterfeit Currency

238. They Print. How Do You Collect Interest On A Debt Instrument Bearing The

239. Debtors Name The Federal Reserve Note? Not U. S. Note? Tax Fraud:

240. Commodities Fraud. The Debtors Assets As Security: Violation Of

241. Uberrimae Fidei Ultimate Truth Contract Law: A Debt Instrument (Note).

242. Interest On This Debt Payable In Gold And Silver? The Principal? The Gold

243. Act Eliminated All Gold From The Treasury Yet All Interest Is To be Pain In

244. Gold Against A Non-Existent Debt To A Non-Existent Treasury. Two Legal

245. Maximums: 1) No Law Can Create Harm. 2) It is A Fraud To Conceal A

246. Fraud
Page 11
247. The History of Collusion To Commit Fraud: Murder: You Are On Stolen

248. Land: Who Told The Sovereign Habitants Of The Great Turtle Island They

249. Had To Be Discovered?

250. Papal Bull And The Catholic Church (A Cult):

251. The Pope Divides The Lands Yet To Be Discovered Among The Crowns Of

252. Europe: Issues Papal Bull Instructing Any Savage Who Does Not Convert

253. To The Catholic Religion (A cult) To Be Executed. These Papal Bulls Are

254. Still In Full Force And Effect Today. Thus The Catholic Church Is Guilty Of

255. Genocide: European Crown Guilty Of Murder: Aiding And Abetting In

256. Genocide: Land Theft: As Millions Of Turtle Islanders Were Murdered

257. Pillaged: Raped: Enslaved to Steal The Assets Of The Land: Gold/Silver:

258. Precious Stones: Minerals: Lumber: Al Et AI. As Turtle Island Was

259. Habited/Occupied Upon Discovery. Was It A Barren Land? Free For The

260. Taking? NO! It Was Indeed Stolen By Force As The Europeans Had Larger

261. Weapons: IE: Theft Of Allodial Land. The Federal Reserve Act (1933) Is NO

262. Different: The De Facto Government: Without Authority Pledged As Surety:

263. Collateral: This Stolen Land: Its Habitants: "Hypothecated" All Present And

264. Future Properties, Assets And Labor (Slavery) Of Their Subjects: The 14th

265. Amendment Citizen (Federal Zone) To The Federal Reserve System. These

266. Stolen Properties To The Board Of Governors Of The Federal Reserve For

267. Which The Trustees (Stockholders) Hold Colorable Collateral: Without

268. Taking Possession.

269. The Federal Reserve System Agreed To Extend The Bankrupted Federal

270. United States Corporation All The Credit "Federal Reserve Notes" (Money

271. Substitute) They Needed: In Return: The Federal United States (De Facto)

272. Agreed To Assign Any Asset: Private Property: Their Economic Slaves: U.

273. S. Citizens: As Collateral Against The Un-payable Federal Debt: Also

274. Pledged: Unincorporated Federal Territories: National Parks: Birth

Page 12
275. Certificates: Nonprofit Organizations: Transferred As Payment To

276. International Bankers. Fortunately For The Federal Reserve When The

277. Federal United States Went Bankrupt So Did The Entire World: Thus

278. Ending The Sovereignty Of All Nation-States. Thus Any Claim To Alloidial

279. Land(s) Is Fraud In The Inducement As There Was No Pledge Against The

280. Allodial Title Of This The Great Turtle Island/Land Venue As NO Treaties

281. Were Ever Honored, Nor Paid, Nor Renegotiated. Congress (CONGRESS)

282. Now Stands In Breach Of Fiduciary Trustee Responsibilities: Breach Of

283. Oath And Bond: As They (JOHN AND JANE DOES) John And Jane Does:

284. Have Never Lawfully Informed:

285. 1. The Original Habitants Of This The Great Turtle Island/Land Venue:
Originals Creditors: Original Benefactors: Original Beneficiaries: Heirs
And Successors:

286. 2. Inhabitants Of The Union States (50): Creditors: Benefactors:

287. 3. U. S. Citizens Residents Of The Federal Zone: Territories Held By The
United States: Creditors: Benefactors: Beneficiaries: Of Their Lawful
Rights Under The Bankruptcy Act Of 1933.

288. Crimes Against The People Now Extend Beyond Ten Miles

289. Square: Beyond Territories: Beyond Possessions: Al Et Al.

290. Since the Bankruptcy Of 1933: And For Decades Now CONGRESS, All

291. Agencies Created: THE PRESIDENT: THE JUDICIARY: Have Enacted

292. Resolutions To Pass As ‘Positive Law’ Knowing Full Well That Nothing

293. Passed By A Bankrupt Corporation Can Be Used Against The People.

294. Congress Has Passed Resolutions Knowing Full Well That They Were

295. Intended To Wage Mixed War Against The People To Subject Them To All

296. Manner Of Harm All Constituting An Overthrow Of The Republic Via

297. Aggression To Their Creditors: Benefactors: Beneficiaries. IE

298. Reorganization Act of 1868: Trading With the Enemy of 1917; Amended

299. 1933; The Banking Acts: The Patriot Act: Which Produced Homeland

300. Security: Which Now Has Instituted A Full Blown Police State Grid To War
Page 13
301. Against The People On These Lands: IE. TSA Irradiating The People: In

302. Clear Violation Of Title 18 U.S.C. §2332h-Radiological Dispersal

303. devices(6). Criminal Molestation: Sexual Assault And Rape Of Men:

304. Women: And Children At Airports: Train Stations: Now Extending to

305. Shopping Malls: Highways: Borders: Road Sides Using Random Check

306. Points: Under The Guise of Security: Al Et Al.: All States Legislations:

307. County: Municipal: And City Charters Are Complicit And All

308. Subsidiaries Of All Legislations: Codes: Ordinances Passed: When They

309. Know They Can ONLY Regulate Corporate Activities: NOT The People.

310. Clear Violations Of Their Fiduciary Trustee Duties; Not To Harm The

311. Beneficiaries Of The Public Trust: Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse.

312. Remedy.

313. It Is Hereby Ordered That The Congress (CONGRESS OF THE UNITED

6 (a) Unlawful Conduct.—
(1) In general.— Except as provided in paragraph (2), it shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly produce, construct, otherwise acquire, transfer directly or indirectly, receive, possess, import, export, or use, or possess and threaten to use—
(A) any weapon that is designed or intended to release radiation or radioactivity at a level dangerous to human life; or
(B) any device or other object that is capable of and designed or intended to endanger human life through the release
of radiation or radioactivity.
(2) Exception.— This subsection does not apply with respect to—
(A) conduct by or under the authority of the United States or any department or agency thereof; or
(B) conduct pursuant to the terms of a contract with the United States or any department or agency thereof.
(b) Jurisdiction.— Conduct prohibited by subsection (a) is within the jurisdiction of the United States if—
(1) the offense occurs in or affects interstate or foreign commerce;
(2) the offense occurs outside of the United States and is committed by a national of the United States;
(3) the offense is committed against a national of the United States while the national is outside the United States;
(4) the offense is committed against any property that is owned, leased, or used by the United States or by any department or agency of the United States, whether the property is within or outside the United States; or
(5) an offender aids or abets any person over whom jurisdiction exists under this subsection in committing an offense under this section or conspires with any person over whom jurisdiction exists under this subsection to commit an offense under this section.
(c) Criminal Penalties.—

(1) In general.— Any person who violates, or attempts or conspires to violate, subsection (a) shall be fined not more than $2,000,000 and shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment not less than 25 years or to imprisonment for life.

(2) Other circumstances.— Any person who, in the course of a violation of subsection (a), uses, attempts or conspires to use, or possesses and threatens to use, any item or items described in subsection (a), shall be fined not more than $2,000,000 and imprisoned for not less than 30 years or imprisoned for life.

(3) Special circumstances.— If the death of another results from a person’s violation of subsection (a), the person shall be fined not more than $2,000,000 and punished by imprisonment for life.

Page 14
314. STATES dba CORPORATION): The President Advisors (NGO’s: EG

315. Council On Foreign Relations, Al Et Al.): Executive Cabinet: Judges At All

316. Levels: Cabinet Members: All Staffers: Be Placed Under Arrest At FEMA

317. Locations Around The Country Pending Trial By Military Tribunal: That All

318. Their Assets And Holdings: Their Passports Be Confiscated: All Credit

319. Cards: Gas Cards: Cell Phones Be Seized Immediately As They Are

320. Operating As A De Facto Government Under State Of Emergency:

321. Constitution Suspended. Further: All Estates of Former Presidents: Staffers:

322. Congressmen: Senators: All Judges At All Levels: Federal Reserve Board

323. Members: Stockholders: All Corporations: National: Transnational:

324. Governmental: State: County: Local Municipalities: Townships: Al Et Al:

325. Receiving Corporate Welfare: Any And All NGO Members: Lawyers:

326. Attorneys Who Have Enabled The Treasonous Crimes Against The

327. People: Al Et Al.: Past and Present: Living Or Deceased: Be Seized:

328. Frozen: Until After Military Trial As They Are In Receipt of Stolen Value: By

329. Unlawful Enrichment Schemes Amassed During Their Political Tenures.

330. Further: The Governor Of The (INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND

331. INC.) Is To Pay Forward On All Treaty Agreements In Gold And Silver

332. Immediately: Tax Free With Interest 15 Percent.

333. Further: The Governor Of The INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND,

334. INCORRPORATED: Will Pay forward To All Creditors: Benefactors:

335. Beneficiaries: Colonial Children All Lawful Money To Which They Are

336. Entitled: The National Debt: Present And Past: Al Et Al: Immediately:

337. Gold And Silver Plus Interest Of 15 Percent.

338. Further Ordered That All Transnational Corporate Media Monopolies

339. Are To Be Disaggregated, Audited And Broadcast Assets Are To Be

340. Distributed To Locally Based Radio And Televisions Companies And

341. Individuals Applying For And Holding Limited Charters From Lawful

Page 15
342. Jurisdictions: County, State And National And Subject To Regulation By An

343. Appropriately Stituted Body Of The Peoples Of The Nations Of This The

344. Great Turtle Island.

345. "Lawful Stitution Served"

346. The Empirical Office Of This The Great Turtle Island: Office Of Corrections:

347. Empirial Heiress: Winona Mae Marzocco Have Lawfully Served Upon The

348. World Court: United States Supreme Court: Every Governor Of These

349. Union States (50): Child Protective Services: Masonic Temples: (UNITED





354. SECURITY]: Secretary Janet Napolitano: Members Of The United States

355. House Of Representatives: And The United States Senate:

356. This Lawful Stitution: And In 45-Days They Have All Sat In Silence: All

357. Federal: State: Employees: Al Et AI: This Stitution Is Lawful Notice To All De

358. Facto Government Entities For Breach Of Treaties: 4,300: The Heirs And

359. Successors: Men And Women On The Land: Habitants On This The Great

360. Turtle Island: And The 3,000 Nations They Represent: Original Creditors:

361. Original Benefactors: Original Beneficiaries: Have Now Reclaimed Their

362. Allodial Lands And This Lawful Stitution Is For All People/Persons On This

363. The Great Turtle Island Land Venue: IE: (CANADA): (UNITED STATES)


365. Territorial Waters Extending 2,000 Miles Off-Shore Including: Land: Ocean:

366. Sea: Rock: Outlying Minor Islands: Al Et Al: Whatever: North Pole To South

367. Pole: A Peaceful Solution: Remedy: Has Been Lawfully Presented

368. To Correct Harm Created By Debtors Via Legislation: Corporate Policy:

369. Executive Order: (UNITED NATIONS) Resolutions: Fraud Scheme:

Page 16
370. A List Of Debtors: As We Know Them Currently: ((UNITED NATIONS:






376. Your Silence As Consent Is Value Forward As Value Accepted: Bad

377. Man Removed: Your Silence To This Matter Has Been Accepted By This The

378. Empirial Office Of Correction And High King Chief Scott Phillip Hayes.

379. Disclaimer:

380. I (We): Sir David-Lee; Buess: Empirial Office Of Correction (Private Attorney

381. General): (We: True Original Land Stewards: Original Creditors: Original

382. Benefactors: Original Beneficiaries): Reserve The Lawful Right To Amend

383. Or Make Further Changes/Corrections To This Document Without Prejudice

384. As Further Information Becomes Available And This Empirial Office Of

385. Correction Herein Represents The Above Mentioned People: Lawful

386. Men/Women On The Allodial Land Herein Named As Many Are Sick:

387. Improperly Educated: Misinformed: Ignorant Of Law: On Whose Behalf This

388. Office Acts. I: We: Have Never Knowingly Agreed To Repay Any Deb

389. Based On A Document Known As A Certificate Of Live Birth Whereby Our

390. Sovereign Appellations Were Stolen And Unlawfully Converted By Novation

391. By Any And All Agencies: Offices: Departments: Employees: And Made

392. Either A Straw Man: Trade Name: Corporate Entity: For Commercial Value:

393. IE: Stocks: Bonds: Al Et AI. Nor Have We Agreed To Pay For Any Such

394. Commercial Products Nor Agreed To Have Said Financial Documents Sold:

395. Traded: "Exchanged”: Collateralized: Securitized: What Ever: On Wall

396. Street: D&B: Foreign Exchange Markets To Be Purchased By The Federal

397. Reserve: Federal Reserve Banks: Other Banks: Credit Unions: Financial

Page 17
398. Management Service: Insurance Companies: Vatican Bank: Bank Of

399. London: International Monetary Fund: World Bank: Al Et AL: As All Are

400. Fraud In The Inducement. Such Fraudulent Documents Would

401. Appear As: (DAVID L BUESS)(DAVID BUESS) (D. L. BUESS) Al Et AI:

402. (John And Jane Doe): (JOHN DOE) (JOHN X DOE): Al Et AI:

403. (JANE DOE)(JANE X DOE)(J X DOE) Al Et AI: And Any Corporate Version

404. Of Said Documents.

405. I: Sir David-Lee; Buess: Private Attorney General Agent For High King Chief

406. Scott Phillip Hayes: And: Winona Mae Marzocco: The Empirical Office For

407. The Supreme Jurisdiction Of This The Great Turtle Island/Land Venue:

408. Office Of. Correction: Do Hereby Make These Statements Of My Own Free

409. Will As An Officer Of The Empirical Office.

410. Signed On This The ______________ Day Of ________________ In

411. The Year Of The Creator 2011 And Further State I Am A Man Domiciled

412. On The Land Of This The Great Turtle Island: AKA Union State Of Ohio:

413. County Of Hancock And Man Domiciled On One Of The Political

414. Jurisdictions Of The Union States (50): And As Such I Am Not A U. S.

415. Citizen: IE: A Man Resident On One Of The Territories Belonging To The

416. United States Of America dba Corporation: Guam: Puerto Rico: Virgin

417. Islands: Washington District Of Columbia: Al Et AI.

418. Furthermore I: (We) Are Neither A State Nor A Federal Corporation As I:

419. (We) Have Neither A Charter Nor Bond Which I (We) Lawfully Established

420. Then Registered Within The State: Territory: Reservation: Supreme

421. Jurisdiction Of This The Great Turtle Island/Land Venue.

422. Respectively Submitted:

423. Sir David-Lee; Buess
Creditor: Benefactor: Beneficiary:

Page 18
Empirial Office Of Corrections

Sovereign Private Attorney General: Agent For:
High King Chief: Scott Phillip Hayes:
Empirial Heiress: Winona Mae (Palminotti) Marzocco

424. By Order Of:

((Empirial Heiress)):

((Empirial Heir))
Winona Mae (Palmiotti) Marzocco
Scott Phillip Hayes
Winona Rosa Piscitelli: (A Child)


425. TIDOC00274032503A Fire Counsel Ref. You Have Been Served: Have A

426. Nice Day.))

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