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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Confessions of a Child Protective Service Headhunter

The following is a transcription of an audio tape from a former Child Protective Service Headhunter. Exclusive interview provided to journalist Georgie Hampton…..(where marked (x-x), signifies the recording was unclear to transcribe)

My name is Black Michael and I granted way of Canada and Australia and the world my exclusive story as a retired headhunter who is trying to make amends for the over 25,000 children removed over a twenty-two year period.

CPS and other agencies paid me to falsify information to make these children wards of the court. As I said last week my job was to locate families on welfare, low income, low I.Q. or the least likely to be able to afford counsel that could get them their children returned to their custody. I was paid $1,800 per child I brought into care, with a $500.00 bonus if a child was in someway handicapped and a $10,000 bonus if a child was adopted out without parental consent.

I am not proud of what I did and I am now trying to see that as many children as I can will be returned to their loving families. This is why I am stepping forward to give testimony to what we headhunters do.

First, we located a family that fit the criteria. Then watched that family for a circumstance that really happened, that was not really dangerous. But, when which likely made it look likely abuse, neglect or some other endangerment was going on. We then made written, sworn statements to the agencies we worked for and a warrant would then be issued for the child or children in that family to be removed from the family home.

As headhunters, we often testified in court as to our allegations under oath and then to the false identity so that our names would not show as in a stream of cases before the court. It has come to my attention that CPS and other agencies in the last month have doubled the

2010 - 11 children can be brought into care quota. Instead of the approximately 240,000

children, the headhunter quota has risen from 80,000 souls and innocents 155 during this physical term.

It sickens me that this is happening to innocent families, and I am determined to see that those for whom I was responsible for falsifying records are returned home where possible.

I am at great risk doing this interview and would not have consented had Georgie had not agreed to keep my true identity hidden and my voice altered. If she had not agreed to these terms I would not be granting this exclusive interview.

With the economy as it is and the expected depression through by 2012, CPS and like organizations are doubling their quotas to stay in business and have no doubt for them this business is slowly monetary and has nothing to do with the safety of children in legitimate terms.

More children die in the hands of their foster parents than in the hands of their true parents for which I know I am responsible for the loss of life to these 11 of these children by falsifying records and statements.

I am not proud of the work I did, nor of the money I earned. All my efforts are now being put into bringing as many of these children home as possible. I have been instrumental in having 22 children now returned to their rightful families and I continue to work on bringing more home.

To (x-x) I have to step forward slowly and cautiously because should it become known that I am the one known who is contacting judges and prosecutors and recanting my testimony I would be dead within weeks, if not days.

As headhunters, we took a full week long course on how to spot vulnerable families, how to falsify allegations, how to testify to CPS benefit. This course also taught us that when children were taken into care the immediate program of separation of child from family would begin. The child would be rewarded for compliance and punished for defiance. A type of mind control would be used by foster parents even though these foster parents did not know they were being taught these skills during their training of two weeks.

Foster parents only have criminal checks. They are not interviewed by psychologists or trained personnel. They merely have to express their want to be foster parents and follow the instructions of care and reward and punishment to keep the children in their care under their control. The foster parent school is to separate the child from his or her parents as widely as possible.

The child, when the prearranged telephone call or visit has not produced, the child is told your mother and father hate you, they don't want you, that is why they never showed up. We love you, we want you, you are safe with us as long as you follow our simple rules and expectations. Very quickly most contact with birth parents and families is brought to very limited contact.

Every session and visit is monitored and if the parent probes into the well being of their child, the foster parent is taught how to reprogram the child's responses to such questions. In essence, they are taught to forget their former families and accept foster homes or adoption as their only recourse to being truly loved.

I have agreed to keep these interviews going with Georgie as I can to expose the system for the deceitful, despicable corporations that they are. While I am not beyond being called those same names, I do hope parents realize the great danger I am currently putting myself in exposing CPS and other like agencies and their reprogramming of children's lives.

As headhunters, we were aware that approximately 50% of children in foster homes are abused, sexually assaulted and mind controlled. We worked for pay and put those statistics to the back of our minds, shoved that knowledge away, knowing we were not the perpetrators of these atrocities. But the truth is, we put those children in harms way and are just as guilty as the foster parents who abuse these children on an ongoing and daily basis.

While child protection agencies are aware of these atrocities, they also ignore them for the greater part as conditioning of children and separation (x-x) from real families plays a real part of reprogramming of these innocent minds.

I will continue this interview at later date. Again my most humble apologies for the pain I have caused both parents and children for whom I was responsible in separating.

May God have mercy on my soul……..Black Michael


  1. where is the persons name who wrote this their real name

  2. I saw that story circulating 10 years ago. Probably an Urban Legend thing

  3. It's a very old story it's from the 1977's ..... It's one of the story my mother help work on !!!! My Mother sued a New York Suffolk County Judge .... I'm one if the five children send to foster care and ABUSE IN FOSTER CARE ... and My mother kidnapping me from foster care and running with me for 5 months and my mother get arrested off of kidnapping charged's (ucc 1201 kidnapping act)

    criminal matters in District Court and also in the Domestic Violent Unit. ..... Winona Grant's AKA Marzocco case was a high profile case in 1977



  4. It is NOT an urban legend. Please educate yourself and look up alternative sources of information in regards to CPS and CPS practices - there is A TON OF INFORMATION OUT THERE:

    NOT educating yourself leaves you and your children extremely exposed. It takes an hour to look up this information and read it & even less time telling someone else about it.
    Please - WAKE UP!

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