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Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter: Joint Chiefs Of Staff

(All Supreme Sovereign Rights Retained/Maintained For The Supreme Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle Island: Land Venue.)
True Original Land Stewarts: Original Creditors: Original Benefactors: Original Beneficiaries:
Call: 1 204 282 0719 In Canada: High King Chief Scott Phillip Hayes: Crown Fiduciary Trustee
Grantor Heir And Successor To The Original Trust For The Trade And Commerce Upon The Great Turtle Island:


Empirical Office of Correction
Sir David-Lee; Buess: SPAG:
Agent For High King Chief Scott Philliip Hayes Empirial Heir And Winona Mae Marzocco
22014 Delaware Township Road 184
Arlington, Ohio [45814-9998]
Phone/Fax: 419 694 5796
12 May In The Year Of The Creator 2011

TIDOC0012511070801A: You Have Been Served.
CERTIFIED MAIL: 7010 1060 0001 4361 0239

Office Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff
9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, District Of Columbia (20318-9999)


Attached To This Document Are Three (3) Documents: 1) “Lawful Stitution”: 2) Diplomatic Papers: 3) Bill Of Indictment.

High King Chief Scott Phillip Hayes Man On The Land (CANADA). Winona Mae Marzocco And Sir David-Lee; Buess: Man And Woman On The Land (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA dba Corporation).
The Bill Of Indictment Has Been Issued Based On The Facts Presented Therein And Represented As A True Bill.
When Did The United Nations Become A Lawfully Recognized Government vs. Organization Established In 1945? Fraud In The Inducement And Are Actively Engaging In Genocide Projects Against All Persons Throughout The World. Their Goal To Eliminate 80% Of The Worlds Population. Who Gave This Organization The Authority To Kill People At Random?

The Time Has Come To Collapse This House Of Cards And The Fraud Schemes They Are Pulling Against All Persons Of This World.

Should You Have Any Questions Relating To These Documents Please Call
Mo on: As His Friends Call Him: 1 204 282 0719.

Diplomatic Immunity For Any And All Persons Associated With The United Nations Is Suspended Immediately As They Have Made No Agreement With Turtle Island Empirical Office: As Are All Foreign Embassy Personnel And Diplomats. All Can Be Arrested And Criminally Charged. The United Nations Was Served A Copy Of The “Lawful Stitution” And Ignored It. Welcome To Turtle Island.

The “Lawful Stitution” Is Now Law Of The Land As All Government Employees Have Sat In Silence In Over 45-Days: Constitution Suspended Under State Of Emergency: De Facto Government. Your Offices Are Now Our Offices.

Your Assistance In These Matters Is Appreciated As Marshal Law Does Exist By The Flying Of The Gold Fringed Flags: Military Regulations: In Public Buildings: Courts: Halls Of Congress: De Facto.

Thank You For Your Time And Consideration.

Sincerely Yours:

Sir David-Lee; Buess PAG
CC: Mo on And Winona))

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