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Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter U. S. Marshal

(All Supreme Sovereign Rights Retained/Maintained For The Supreme Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle Island: Land Venue.)
True Original Land Stewarts: Original Creditors: Original Benefactors: Original Beneficiaries:
Call: 1 204 282 0719 In Canada: High King Chief Scott Phillip Hayes: Crown Fiduciary Trustee
Grantor Heir And Successor To The Original Trust For The Trade And Commerce Upon The Great Turtle Island:

17 May In The Year Of The Creator 2011

(U. S. Marshal Service
Stacia A Hylton, Director
2604 Jefferson Davis Highway
Alexandria Va. [22301])

Director Hylton:

This Information Is Being Provided So As Your Office Can Assist In The Arrests And Convictions Of Traitors And Domestic Terrorists.

Also An Immediate Investigation Relating To Child Trafficking By Children Protective Service In Ohio: New York: Florida Children Are Being Snatched Without Due Process Of Law: Kidnapped This Matter Involves: Social Security Title 5: FBI: Child Protective Service: Courts.

I Can Provide You With Additional Information Relating To These Matters As Child Protective Services Are Child Endangering Throughout The United States. These Matters Must STOP For The Safety And Protection Of All Parents And Their Children.

Please Contact Me Should You Have Further Questions.

Sincerely Yours:

High King Chief Scott Phillip Hayes
Attachments: Lawful Stitution: Bill Of Indictment: Letter Joint Chief’s Of Staff:
CC: Sir David-Lee; Buess SPAG
Office Of Corrections
22014 Delaware Township Road 184
Arlington, Ohio [45814-9998]))

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