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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Legal Notice For Administrative Hearing

New York State Office Of Children And
Family Service Child Abuse and Maltreatment Register
P.O. BOX 4480 Albany New York 12204
Office # 1-800-342-3720

This affidavit is to correct misstated information and falsely
reported information by case workers employed at Department of Family
and Children Services. Those statements made in the allegation against me
were made with the intention of portraying me to be irresponsible and create
the aura that T am unstable

The only barrier to this case seems to be the lack of understanding
the facts and the mutated data case workers have injected into
the files by their interpretation of what they have read. Not actual
facts even though they have been available to review and verify. I am
and continue to be quite upset that my attempts to correct the
numerous mistakes have been ignored. This case is based upon mistaken
identity which was easy to do considering my mother and I have the
same first and middle name- but not the same last name

1. a. States that respondent has a long history of CPS involvement and
of fleeing with her child when she learns of a report to the State
Central Registry.

CORRECTION : This is regarding my mother Winona Grant D.O.B 10/8/1945
who has been the guardian of my son Timothy Grant since his birth. D.O.B 1/30/1989
She has evaded CPS workers 250 times after reports were made regarding her
neglecting my son.

2, In the same paragraph it states that I failed to provide adequate
guardianship and proper supervision of said children and failing to
receive necessary medical and educational services.

CORRECTION: I did not have guardianship of my son my mother did
and she failed to provide care to him not me. It is hard to believe that
case workers did not know this information is regarding my mother and
not me since the dates of the reports were on the records. And it was
known that my mother had taken my son since birth.

My mother has an extensive history in New York where myself and
siblings were put into foster care since I was 5 years old. My mother
snatched my first born child and ran off after attaining legal
guardianship of him because I gave birth at 15 years old. I was never
allowed to be his mother and through the years my mother used various
aliases and claimed to be his mother not grandmother. Many times
reports were made of her neglecting my son, she would run off state to
state avoiding cps until they finally caught up with them in 2004
because mv son was seen running naked and she was very ill

At that time I had not known where they were and had no legal
responsibility since he was a day old. She lied again claiming to be
someone named Wendy and saying she was his mother. The court filed
abandonment charges on me and a protection order to stay away from my
son when I had nothing to do with how he and her were found. I wish I
could see my son - but don't know how to do this since she messed
everything up with her lies.

My son aged out and my parental rights were never terminated with
him as some of the case workers have put in record and used to take my
youngest daughter from me. My child is in foster care because of
mistakes of information mutated and my mother's history injected as my
history. I at first was nice and cooperated with case workers- but
they seemed to take what I said and twist it to suit their agenda of
recruiting my child in for services.

3. Richland County Child protection Services April 2009 report.

CORRECTION: This agency found the burn to be an accident not
intentional abuse or neglect.

4. a. States my child was filthy and dirty and respondent displayed
erratic behavior at the hospital.

CORRECTION: My child fell into a fire pit and no I did not waste time
to go change her clothing and wash her up due to the concern for getting
my child to be seen as quickly to care for her injuries. As for the erratic
behavior 1 had a severe headache and asked for some ice for my head and
the nurse flipped out and refused to give me ice. Which caused me to
throw up due to the nausea caused by not putting ice to my head.
Ohio became involved after my child accidentally tripped over the
neighbors fire pit landing hands down and she was hurt - immediately
she was taken to be treated at the emergency room. Her hands have
healed as I did follow all instructions for the care and appointments
that were made regarding this issue. Ohio dismissed its case against
me and found the incident to be an accident not child abuse Of course
they did begin to have other non abuse/non neglecting related concerns.

5. b. States I was observed in August 2009 to have punched my daughter
in the chest and forcibly yanking her by her arm. Then in the days that
followed observed to be inadequately supervising said child where she
walked into the shelter and the road

CORRECTION: Had such incident occurred it would have been the duty
of the worker who claims to have seen such incident to immediately take
said child from me and take her to be examined by an emergency room
Doctor to assure no injuries were caused. This would be evidence of such
incident actually occurring which it did not. A DHS office is usually full
of people and there are no other witnesses to such incident been seen by
anyone else- highly unlikely. My child at no time while at the shelter did
she walk into the road this was a fabricated lie if ever said by anyone
working at the shelter. I was never alerted as claimed

6. c. States on September 20091 left New york where I lived to move
back to Ohio and then left Ohio to flee from CPS coming to remove
my child due to concerns of physical abuse, my mental health, and
developmental delays and my inability to control said child's

CORRECTION: I own a home in Ohio where we live and only visited
New York T have a career as a truck driver and did not flee because of
any other reason then a job came up to deliver out of state, yes I of course
took my daughter with me. There is no evidence aside from these broad
statements without any validation from independent sources regarding
either physical abuse or me having any mental health issues. Last time I
checked the reporting case worker did not have a medical degree to
evaluate mental health conditions. If I seemed uncooperative it would be
natural to assume any parent would be upset with anyone trying to abduct
their child under these false pretenses and force upon said parent services
that were not needed nor wanted. Save the county money and find those
who do want your services instead of trying to force them on those who
have no need for them.

I agreed to the offer of services at first as it sounded like a
good idea- but then it became obvious that it was not to just help my
child with speech delays, and I needed to work so I could pay my
bills. I told the case worker I had to go to new york for a job I
attained but I would be back after wards. I have a trucking company and
Ohio has no jobs available in this line of work right now.

Any logical person could understand I needed to go it just couldn't
be helped. Speech therapy wont pay my bills and my child was only 3
when she was assessed by a non professional non native person who only
met her for 30 minutes and then claimed she was nonverbal or delayed.
Ohio got mad when I declined the services offer stating I was going to
New York- so they worked it out behind my back to remove my child from
me in New York- there was NO IMMINENT DANGER and the order was based
upon fabricated statements or using my mother's history as mine
I don't want to be a thorn in your side -1 just want my Child back
home and us able to pick up the shattered pieces of our lives after
the help given to us by this agency. I understand you personally have
done nothing to me-1 am not angry with you per say - but can become
so if you are like the others and refuse to really help me get this
done and over with. I hope you can assist me in getting these facts
mentioned corrected in the file accumulating papers as my case remains
open. I have evidence that I'm including to show you and verify the facts
I claim have been distorted and mutated in the record. Can you please
change the misstated things to be factually correct?

7. There have been false allegation from workers claiming I have a 20 year
drug habit

CORRECTION: There is no evidence of such history and for mv Job I
am randomly drug tested which I have never failed a test yet. This is
slander and defamation of character for such statements to be reported
without proof of such being anything but a fabricated lie used to
manipulate the court in keeping my child from me.

8. Visitation was changed from Wednesday to Friday with only a 2 day
advanced notice. I can not change my work schedule without
informing the company 3 weeks in advance of such a change. Case
worker stated if I could not make such arrangements then my
visitations would be terminated

9. Another visitation incident occurred where after driving 1500 miles to
attend a visit I was called 1 /2 an hour before it was scheduled and
informed the visit was canceled due to my child catching pink eye.
See exhibit 1 and 2. The worker asked me over the phone what proof
was needed and I told her nothing written as I have already been
concerned with all the fabrication of documents and false statements
from said worker thus far Exhibit 1 is a letter written about the
canceled visit and exhibit 2 in the meter stamped envelope it was sent

10. Exhibits following are relevant to show proof of my mother's
guardianship of my son and her death notice.

11. I demand the Department of Family and Children Services to return my child to my custody based upon the facts that she was taken for ransom to force me to sign a case plan for services we do not have any need for. My daughter was taken under false allegations whereby case workers injected my mothers history to manipulate the court to believe me to be unstable which is not true. I demand that my child be returned or I be charged for a crime - otherwise this agency has no authority to take custody of said child without my consent which I refuse to grant anyone.

Winona Mae (Palmiotti) Marzocco d.o.b 4/7/73
218 Coul St Mansfield Ohio 44902

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