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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Juvenile Court Scam


Some might think that this cannot be possible. Our legal system is the greatest in the world. Wrong! It was at one time but in the last 20 years it has become corrupt and beyond repair and is nothing more than a band of lawless criminals plundering the people. First, it is important to understand that our legal system is all about civil law or the law of the contract. Secondly, it is important to know that our courts no longer operate with any judicial authority. This makes all of our courts nothing more than private commercial corporations hiding behind a judicial false front. They look like counts, they act like courts but they are in reality only an act to make us think they are a judicial court with power to get as much money out of the people as possible. If you do not believe this go to Dunn and Bradstreet and look up your superior court and find that it is a commercial corporation. Thirdly, the only way these fraudulent commercial courts can function is if they can get you to consent to their contracts. These Admiralty contracts result from color of law fraudulent laws that they trick you into believing you have to obey when in fact all these laws are unconstitutional and mean nothing unless you agree to them. I bet they never taught you that in school. Our schools teach us to obey the law and not to question authority. Americans are sheeple and asleep and have no idea what their rights are and just obey the government and authority no matter what they do. Steal children, if the government does it, it must be OK. In fact, many people become informants and turn in families because they do not like the way they are raising their children. The local governments loves this Nazi informant mentality because the more kids they can sell the more money they make. They do not care if the child was injured or abused. If they get a complaint if it is legitimate or not that is good enough for them. They take the child and start their scam against the parents and could care less about the law, fairness and justice. Why? Because they are criminals involved with in a criminal conspiracy between the courts, the county and the state to plunder the people.

The superior courts are courts of consent but they usually follow some form of judicial procedure where due process is involved. This is done so it appears to be a court when in reality they just want you to agree with their contract and know if they deny you the appearance of your constitutional rights you will fight back. In a court of consent you have no rights except to not to consent. The rest is all show by the court and the judge to keep you from seeing the truth. Remember, if you do not consent they have no power as they have no contract! If they keep harassing you file a federal complaint against them for trespassing on your rights and kidnapping.
It is important to note that when the law applies to people against people or corporations against corporations the courts function fairly close to what they are supposed to do. Of course there is corruption but nothing like what happens when the courts get involved with the government.

When the government involves the courts the law takes on an entirely different operation and function which is not only corrupt but unconstitutional the way it has evolved. It is called criminal law but is really just civil law as all law is civil. The name criminal is used to name the system of plunder and label anyone the government wants to discredit because you are charged with some crime. Of course there are criminal who trespass on individual rights and need to be brought to justice. This is where the government has overstepped their bounds. Just because there are legitimate criminals and crimes does not mean that everyone the government labels as a criminal or who has broken some bogus color of law fraud is a criminal. There is not a person in America who is not a criminal and breaking some law as there are so many bogus law imposed upon us by the system. It is out of control.

Most crimes now a days are against the “state”. Keep in the mind that the “state” used to be our government but is now private commercial for profit corporations called the county or the state. This is illegal and a scam as the law requires a real party of interest to appear to prove that there has been an injury. That means a real person to which the injury occurred. When the supposed injured party is the state, a public defender shows up who is not the real party in interest and represent the “state”. Why is there no real party in interest, because no one was injured? He cannot be the real party in interest as the injury did not happen to him. Is this legal, no but they do it all the time because we let them get away with it like everything else they do. The government and the courts in criminal law become a criminal conspiracy to plunder the people for profit.

Why does this happen? It would take a book to discuss what is really happening here but in a nut shell when the government is involved with the law we are really dealing with a private for profit corporation making lots of money off all the color of law frauds they can entrap the people with. This creates a total unfair situation where the private commercial courts pretending to be legitimate judicial courts of law are making money off of everyone they can get their hooks into by conning them into to consenting to their “charges”. Notice that they use the word charges meaning the cost of the crime you supposedly committed. Remember all law is civil. The charge being the cost to repair the damage you supposedly caused. They then divide this by an hourly rate and that becomes the length of time they incarcerate you. Money has become their only real motivation and justice and fairness is totally gone.
With CPS it is a business, a criminal enterprise, that steals children to obtain money from the feds for adoptions and selling children on the private market place. They are also using the child’s birth certificate bond until the child is 18 years old to make even more money by using the bonds for collateral for investing in the financial markets making millions off of other peoples money with no risk. If you wonder where all this money goes, as the governments are claiming that they are all bankrupt, go look up CAFR funds and you will see how well these criminals hiding behind the government are doing. In other words, the criminals have stashed all this money they have not siphoned off in CAFR funds that the legitimate government of the people cannot get access to.
Juvenile court is in reality not even a court at all. It would be more like an inquisition. The juvenile court has no due process, no fair trial, no jury trials, not judicial power, it is usually held in secret, it usually does not use process of service and service of process, no rules of evidence are practiced and is in reality a total fraudulent concealment. Of course CPS will say that this is wrong the Juvenile is a fair court. However, the Juvenile court is run by CPS and the county council using smoke and mirrors tricks to eliminate any fairness that might have once been there. The judge is really an actor just there to make it look like a court and occasionally makes an order that CPS wants. The following are some of the frauds, tricks and deceptions that CPS and this inquisition uses to strip you of your rights and your children all without you knowing it and completely denying you your due process rights.

1. Juvenile court is really a tribunal of consent. Do not consent to anything. Demand your children back and stick to it and consent to nothing. In reality, it does not matter what evidence they have against you. The laws they are charging you with breaking are frauds in the first place and unless you consent to them they have no power over you as they have no contract and will have to let you and your children go. They will do everything they can to trap you and get you to consent but if you do not consent they will eventually have to drop the matter.

2. When CPS serves you with something like a hearing notice, it is usually not stamped by the court and comes directly from the CPS case worker. This is in reality not process of service and you do not have to appear. To be legal, if you are served, it needs to be from the court clerk and stamped by the court. No stamp no service. CPS is so sure you do not know your rights they do not even take the time to serve anything properly as they know that the sheeple will just show up. Show up any way but do plead and do not consent to anything and demand your children back. If you are in a CPS case use the hearings as a forum to rescind your signature, serve federal complaints, etc. NOTE: If you do not have a contract with CPS yet or have rescinded you signature and consent and fired your attorney, never go beyond the bar . Always sit in the front row behind the bar. WHY? If you cross the bar you are in their jurisdiction. If they ask you to sit in the well of court (past the bar) politely decline and just say that you do not consent to sitting there. Even if the judge threatens to hold you in contempt for not sitting beyond the bar, just say you do not consent and do not do it. Always hold your ground.

3. Juvenile hearings are held behind closed doors and exclude the family and friends. This of course is to protect the children. Right! It is done so they there are no witnesses to the frauds that they are committing. So in court there is one parent, their attorney (who is working with CPS) a CASA worker (another CPS informant), the child’s attorney (CPS co-conspirator) father’s attorney, county council and usually other CPS people. That makes about 6 to 8 against one traumatized parent with no witnesses. Boy that sounds really fair. Before each hearing all the attorneys go into the court without the parent and decide what game they are going to play today and who is going to be the good guy and who is going to be the bad gut. It is a set up to get the parent to agree with what they want signed at the hearing to continue.

4. One of the main scams is for the county council or the child’s council to make false allegations against you in court. It is like a tag team match. Your attorney will usually just sit there and not respond. If he does respond he will not rebut the lies and say something like we will set this for trial. In the meantime, because he did not rebut the lies, they are entered into court as facts because they were not rebutted. Yes the matter could be set for trial but they just rolled you over into another contract ending the last one. This allows CPS to enter all the un-rebutted lies as facts on the record plus their case plan and statues report which are also full of lies are entered into the record. Nothing of yours was entered into the record and the old contract was closed with you being found guilty of things you never did without a trial. There was no trial, there was no due process and hearsay evidence and pure lies were entered into the record without meeting any legal requirements of evidence or even having a trial. How did they do that? They tricked you into agreeing with it all. You thought you were agreeing to a trial or a case plan where they said they would give your child back but in reality you also agreed with the un-rebutted lies, the statues report and case plan with even more lies making you guilty of everything. They just got away with getting lies into the record because you unknowingly consented with it. That is the key to their scam: tricking you into consenting to their kidnapping your children and lying about you until they are gone.

5. Did your attorney help you understand this or avoid this trap? No, he not only helped CPS set the trap up but he walked you right into it and shut the door behind you. If you have a court appointed attorney or a private attorney this is what their job is in the juvenile court scam. After all, they are officers of the court. They represent you but who do they work for and what is their job? They are officers of the court. Their job is to essentially guide (represent) you into the trap the quickest and less messy way possible and you pay them for this. I guess you better ask more questions next time on what they are doing for you even though it would do no good as they would only deceive you as to what they are really doing. The legal system has become nothing more than a monopoly and a secrete combination that is all about the money and they will do anything they can to keep you from catching on to their scam and license to steal. NOTE: If you hire an attorney your are declaring to the court that you are incompetent to handle your own affairs. What does that tell you?

6. None of the CPS case plans or status reports are signed by CPS workers under the penalty of perjury making them all hearsay and inadmissible as evidence. This allows the CPS works to lie their faces off and get away with it because they are not signing that they are true. This gives the criminal CPS employees plausible deniability or the government employees get out of jail free card. However, as discussed above CPS gets these lies into court without a trial and without due process because they fraudulently trick you into agreeing with them.

7. The Juvenile court scam also uses time to their advantage while torturing you and your children. They will always say that we have to do things quickly as it is in the best interest of the children. This is a lie and part of their false front of concern. In reality they stall off as long as they can, 18 to 24 months. The first reason they do this is to try and torture and split up parents you so you will eventually break down. If this happens, which is does in many cases, they can say I told you so and you are an unfit parent and they take your children away. It is like the icing on the cake for them if you break down as it proves, in their sick minds, that they were right. The second reason they take so long is that at every hearing they are closing one contract and creating a new one (rolling you over). This is a slow process of stealing a few rights at every hearing until after 6 to 10 hearings or more they have stolen all your rights and your children. If they tried to do this too fast, parents would get wise to their fraud and rebel against CPS. The third reason they want to delay as long as they can is to break your bonds with your children and let your children bond with strangers. How sick is this? But that is exactly what they do. In the CPS handbook it states that a child out of the home for over 4 months is adoptable because the bonds to the parent have been broken and the child will stay with the strangers. I ask you again, how sick are these people?!!!

8. If you try and work with CPS you will run into the communication two step. Meaning that CPS will not return calls, not respond, not set up providers, etc. You will call and email and nothing happens, until the next hearing when CPS suddenly pops up a day before with a brand new case plan and status report full of lies and blames you for not completing your case plan or contacting them. In reality, they never gave you the information and blamed you for it. This happens at every hearing. The best way to deal with this is to get out of your contract with them. However, if you are dealing with them you need to log and record everything, phone calls, emails, letters, appointments, etc. You have to do this to nail them down. If you do not have proof of them not responding and you responding they will just lie about it. That is the type of people you are dealing with. If you ask them question like; I have completed my case plan is there anything else I need to do before the next hearing? The CPS response in their status report is something like; “parent has failed to take responsibility for her actions by asking if she had anything else to do in her case plan”. What does that mean? Any normal person would look at that as if you are taking responsibility for your actions by making sure there is nothing left to do or finding out if CPS forgot to tell you about something (which is common practice). CPS twists a positive comment making the parent into a bad person trying to shirk her responsibility. This is typical of the frauds and tricks that CPS constantly does throughout their 24 months of torture. This is very frustrating as you never get a chance to get the truth out due to their scam. This is another reason you cannot work with CPS and will not get your children back by trying to work with them. Never trust anything CPS says or does. They are liars and evil psychopaths capable of doing anything to get their way and make more money, even torture of children and destroy families and they think they are right
9. NOTE: Be prepared that when you do not consent and do not plead into their jurisdiction the court and CPS will do everything they can to make you feel and crazy to try and get your consent. They will never admit that they do not have any judicial authority and have to get your consent to have any power over you. They will call you insane and that you have to obey the law and if you do not you are a criminal and they will threaten and sometimes even throw you in jail. They will pound on you to break you down in every way they can. Hold your ground. Even if they throw you in jail you will be out soon as they cannot hold you unless they agree. If force does not work to break you down, they will suddenly become your friend. They do this to try and get your confidence so they can get you to consent. They will say things like, if you sign this form you will get your children back. This is a lie. Do not sign!!! You do not have sign anything as they have nothing on you and you own them nothing. They will have to let you and your children go as long as you do not contract with them. Once again, do not consent to anything. You own them nothing. In fact they are kidnappers and trespassing on your rights until they can get you to consent. Threaten to file a criminal complaint with the Federal court for trespassing and kidnapping if they do not give your children back ASAP!!!

10. NOTE, if you have an attorney read this, he will reject most everything discussed here. Why? Because they are part of the criminal conspiracy, many do not even know it, as they are officers of the court and have been trained that this is the law and you must obey it. Attorneys, or” legal criminals” as I like to call them, are a major part of the problem of why the legal system is so corrupt today. Most of them are in constant rebellion to the constitution and do not care about it. Many judges will tell you that the constitution has no place in their court. Why? Because it does not have a place in a commercial corporate court of consent in the land of fiction and contracts called our court system. The only thing that counts is the contract and your consent. No consent, no contract no nothing.

11. NOTE: You cannot fight CPS in court and win playing their game. You have to get out of the box (trap) by canceling the contract by rescinding your signature and consent and filing a federal complaint against the county and the court. Once the CPS contract is terminated you have a good chance until then you are fighting an uphill battle that will probably destroy you and your family.

12. NOTE: If there are two parents in a family CPS will try and split you up. You need to work together to fight CPS. At the first hearing do not consent. If they get you in their trap they will break up the parents and get them fighting. CPS knows that this is a sure way for CPS to win. Stop CPS in their tracking at the first hearing before there is a contract or you will have a very difficult time fighting CPS. Your marriage and your kids are at stake!

13. NOTE: If you have grandparents that are on your side use them to help you. You will not have to use them if you do not go into the CPS trap from the beginning. If you are tricked into their trap grandparents can be very helpful fighting CPS. What they can do will not be covered here.

14. NOTE: At the first hearing do not prepare your case to try and rebut the CPS allegations against you. By doing this, you are agreeing with their actions. Do not use an attorney. Do this Pro Se, Yourself. Do not cross the bar. Stay in front of the bar an do not cross the bar. Your entire presentation is that you are a natural man or woman and they have no jurisdiction and the charges against you must be dismissed now. Then say you do not consent to the CPS kidnapping of my children and this hearing and want them returned immediately. One of the CPS attorneys will start rattling off all the false allegations against you that can. You just say no I do not agree and I do not consent to this kidnapping and want my children returned now. If the judge ask you questions, like do you want an attorney, just say you do not consent to anything including this hearing and will not be part of it. Do this 20 times if you have to. If they want you to agree to another hearing date just say no. If they ask you to plead, say the same thing: You do not have jurisdiction and I do not consent to your kidnapping my children and want them back now. If they set another hearing date, just say the same thing. I do not agree. If they do set a hearing date without your agreement file a federal complaint for kidnapping and trespassing on your rights and serve it on them at the next hearing. Watch out for tricks to get you to agree; like just sign this document and your children will be home soon. Just go see one doctor and you can get your children back. DO NOT FALL FOR THESE TRICKS. THEY ARE LIES AND YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CHILDREN AND GO THROUGH HELL IN THE PROCESS!!!! Make sure you have witnesses in the court and have them each write up an affidavit of truth stating what happened in court and that you did not agree or consent to anything. You do not have to sign anything to get out of their scam. Just say I do not consent and will not sign anything! You have the power and are going to have to act like it. Polite but direct and to the point, no nonsense- I do not consent!

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