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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Letter To The CPS / DSS Suffolk County New York

Dear Mr. or Mrs New Social Worker,

I have received your letter stating you are assigned to help me
reunify with my child. That would be an excellent idea and plan which
I truly hope you intend to keep your word and actually promote such
action as to return my child.

The only barrier to this case seems to be the lack of understanding
the facts and the mutated data other case workers have injected into
the files by their interpretation of what they have read. Not actual
facts even though they have been available to review and verify. I am
and continue to be quite upset that my attempts to correct the
numerous mistakes have been ignored. This case is based upon mistaken
identity which was easy to do considering my mother and I have the
same first and middle name- but not the same last name.

usps # 7009 2250 0000 1835 5052

My mother has an extensive history in New York where myself and
siblings were put into foster care since I was 5 years old. My mother
snatched my first born child and ran off after attaining legal
guardianship of him because I gave birth at 15 years old. I was never
allowed to be his mother and through the years my mother used various
aliases and claimed to be his mother not grandmother. Many times
reports were made of her neglecting my son, she would run off state to
state avoiding cps until they finally caught up with them in 2004
because my son was seen running naked and she was very ill.

At that time I had not known where they were and had no legal
responsibility since he was a day old. She lied again claiming to be
someone named Wendy and saying she was his mother. The court filed
abandonment charges on me and a protection order to stay away from my
son when I had nothing to do with how he and her were found. I wish I
could see my son - but don't know how to do this since she messed
everything up with her lies.

My son aged out and my parental rights were never terminated with
him as some of the case workers have put in record and used to take my
youngest daughter from me. My child is in foster care because of
mistakes of information mutated and my mother's history injected as my
history. I at first was nice and cooperated with case workers- but
they seemed to take what I said and twist it to suit their agenda of
recruiting my child in for services. I hope your different because I'm
sick and tired of all the bullshit and will not be happy if my child
is not returned to me soon.

I have attained the psych eval and completed a parenting class, I also
own my own home and have no mortgage payments now for 3 years- its
stable housing, just missing its charm without my child running
through it. So please tell me now what hoop I need to jump through to
please you enough to see that my child actually does return home?

As for visitations I have been consistently seeing my child on
Wednesday, when ever a case worker gets the itch to change this I am
not given proper notice within the legally required 30 days. I have
had to plan around this day and it is not easy for me to change now to
another day and time. I can not afford to come all the way from Ohio
to New york and have no visit, no notice prior, and then learn my
regular time is now not going to be available to me anymore.

I am upset by this - I will be filing a complaint regarding this
and the numerous violations if something is not done to ensure that my
time and legal right to association with my child is addressed and
cared for properly. I want increased visitation or unsupervised -
there is no reason this has not been allowed. Except to punish me

Sorry to dump all of this on you at the onset of our relationship -
but it had to be said. Oh I missed one part of this to mention - I
never fled from ohio to new york then back and forth trying escape
cps- its a fabricated lie. I told cps what my plans were and why I had
to go to new york since there was no work for me in Ohio. I never
tried to hide nor have I ever used any other last name besides
marzocco I was born with and Palmiotti I married into- these are the
only names I signed under.

Ohio became involved after my child accidentally tripped over the
neighbors fire pit landing hands down and she was hurt - immediately
she was taken to be treated at the emergency room. Her hands have
healed as I did follow all instructions for the care and appointments
that were made regarding this issue. Ohio dismissed its case against
me and found the incident to be an accident not child abuse. Of course
they did begin to have other non abuse related concerns.

I agreed to the offer of services at first as it sounded like a
good idea- but then it became obvious that it was not to just help my
child with speech delays, and I needed to work so I could pay my
bills. I told the case worker I had to go to new york for a job I
attained but I would be back after wards. I have a trucking company and
Ohio has no jobs available in this line of work right now.

Any logical person could understand I needed to go it just couldn't
be helped. Speech therapy wont pay my bills and my child was only 3
when she was assessed by a non professional non native person who only
met her for 30 minutes and then claimed she was nonverbal or delayed.
Ohio got mad when I declined the services offer stating I was going to
New York- so they worked it out behind my back to remove my child from
me in New York- there was NO IMMINENT DANGER and the order was based
upon fabricated statements or using my mother's history as mine.

I don't want to be a thorn in your side - I just want my kid back
home and us able to pick up the shattered pieces of our lives after
the help given to us by this agency. I understand you personally have
done nothing to me- I am not angry with you per say - but can become
so if you are like the others and refuse to really help me get this
done and over with. I hope you can assist me in getting these facts
mentioned corrected in the file accumulating papers as my case remains

I do not want anymore services or more unfair treatment and just
hope your different and actually mean what you say. Sorry for the
generic way I addressed this reply but your name was unreadable. As
far as my case goes now I have filed the notice of intent to appeal 2
orders of the judge- waiting for the delivery of the record and
transcripts which are expected to arrive very soon.

I have evidence that I'm including to show you and verify the facts
I claim have been distorted and mutated in the record. Can you please
change the misstated things to be factually correct? And deal with my
visitation issue?

Notice of modification to change visitation time, place, or day
must be received in advance. I live in another state and am being
forced to travel from Ohio where I live to New York where I just came
to visit for work opportunities. The visitation day and time has been
consistently held on Wednesdays for 2 hours- there is no reason to not
allow unsupervised visitation. If a change is to be made this upgrade
should be allowed to make it more convenient for everyone.

I have planned around this time for over a year now. I do have
responsibilities and need to take care of things in my life. To all of
a sudden with no prior notification decide to cancel the time and day
I had visitation on is beyond unfair. I have sent the commissioner a
complaint on this issue before I received your letter. Maybe you can
do him a favor and handle this in a reasonable manner immediately and
save him the trouble. I would prefer to have my visits upgraded or
know what can be done to facilitate this.

usps # 7009 2250 0000 1835 5052

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