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Friday, March 11, 2011

Clerk US District Court for the District of Columbia

((All Supreme Sovereign Rights Retained/Maintained For The Supreme Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle Island: Land Venue: Creditors/Beneficiaries)

(This Document Not For Profit)

:Sir: David-Lee; Buess: (Sovereign)(Non-Corporation) Private Attorney General: Office Of Correction For The Supreme Jurisdiction Of The Great Turtle Island)
22014 Delaware Township Road 184
Arlington, Ohio [45814]
Phone/Fax: 419 694 5796

Date: For ever and always

((=Supreme Sovereign Capture

Certified Mail: 7010 1060 0001 44361 0482

CLERK’S OFFICE (Fiduciary Trustee)

Dear Sir:

David-Lee; Buess: Creditor/Beneficiary
Rodney-Dale; Class: Creditor/Beneficiary
Residence of the Great Turtle Island: Creditors/Beneficiaries

Judge HENRY H KENNEDY Jr.: Fiduciary Trustee
Congress: Fiduciary Trustees

Federal Reserve: IRS: FED Banks: Debtors

Federal/State/Corporate Employees: White Colar Criminals.

I am returning your “ORDER” For procedurals errors: fraud: Bait and Switch-mail fraud: Incorrect address. (See exhibit(s) 1-envelope March 3, 2011 and 2) Certificate of service: ORDER: And: 3) Court cover sheet Superior Court District of Columbia Civil Division 11 16 2009.) As the Bankruptcy turned over all offices: officers: agencies: Departments over to the receivers of the Bankruptcy your office exists today in name only: you have no Jurisdiction: Period: De facto. Congress is Trustee of the Bankruptcy.
As this case was filed: a charge of Honest Service Fraud: was presented against the Defendants yet this court rules to dismiss to allow criminal federal and state employees to continue to commit further criminal acts against all residence of these union States (50) and the Federal Zone. Where was our preliminary hearing in this matter? What evidence was presented to this court by defendants whereby they were not engaged in Fraudulent activities? Fraud is not just a good reason it is the only LAWFUL reason to continue this case. (please note the case number is incorrect on this ORDER as well)

Trial by jury is where the evidence is to be presented. This court: as with all courts: are private incorporations engaged in Commerce. (Conflict of Interest: Profiteering from public office: misuse of public funds)

1) Plaintiff’s are not incorporations: straw man: Trade names as stated on your document: under pretence: [DAVID LEE BUESS]: [RODNEY DALE CLASS]: Fraud in the inducement: Fraudulent Communications: Civil Fraud: Criminal Fraud: Civil RICO: Identity Theft: Mail Fraud Fiction Name: Honest Service Fraud: Forced use of Zone Improvement Plan (Zip Code): Obstruction of Justice: Lawful Jurisdiction. Any and all alterations of Certificates of Live Birth were done without knowledge and consent of the Child(s) parents: Fraud in the Inducement: identity theft: Child trafficking and slavery. As plaintiff(s) we will save the code sections for the jury.

Please present evidence Plaintiff(s) are a Corporation(s): What business are we in?: Have posted Bond(s) and Charter(s): Lawful Live Birth Certificate: Evidence of Trade Name: any evidence this court is not committing fraud upon these plaintiff(s): by Bonding/CUSIP numbers IE profiteering from public office. Proof the Plaintiff(s) live in a and are: 26 USC 6331(a): a Government Agency: Employee: Officer: Elected Official: Part of the Federal Zone (Zip Code): IE Government 45814 Non-Government [45814]. As this court(s) document now define the defendants as federal employees by use of the all caps name: Zip code: then I demand this court also provide my federal employee number: my job description: the OMB number for the agency I work for: my back pay: insurance: and retirement plan. Remedy: Should you be unable to do this then I demand the highest pay rate of the highest paid federal employee for the past 48 years and retirement plan to match: and insurance.

As supposed Corporations why are we then filing a 1040 as “Individual” persons and not corporate tax forms: Where are the Deductions given to corporations on any “Individual” tax form? What link is there to the Federal Zone as a resident of one of the union States (50)? Show me the Letter from the Commissioner stating I must keep Records. Show me where the IRS can tax without due process of Law? Due audits on non existing forms? Have the right to counterfeit financial statements? The STATE OF OHIO is engaged in this “Certificate of Live Birth Fraud Scheme” and I can prove it by “Certificates of Live Birth” Which I obtained from the STATE OF OHIO. The IRS are to settle the debt not double dip: which they are currently doing. Show to me where 26 IRC 6331(a) extends to these union states (50)? Show me a Law in the IRS Tax Code which Demands Payment of a Federal Income Tax? Lawful Definition of “income” for all tax legislation as ruled by the United States Supreme Court.

Non-government collections agencies are not allowed to use the IRS Code against anyone: FRAUD. (Attachments: Letter(s) to the USSC: Senator BROWN). As rulings of the United States Supreme Court are based on Law reviews their rulings are the same as code. I have nearly 60 such rulings not found in the IRS Code. Now show me from the IRS Code the law requiring payment of an income tax. Subject Matter TAX FRAUD.

2) This court failed to notify Plaintiff’s of any decision made September 2, 2010: as: all communications received under pretence [DAVID LEE BUESS] Via a number of Fraudulent addresses were refused by Live Man, Living Man, Sentient Man...: lawful name: David-Lee; Buess and or David Lee Buess: as filed into the Superior Court for the District of Columbia: (Exhibit 3) Fraud by the Clerk of that Court by Transferring plaintiffs names to: [DAVID LEE BUESS]: [RODNEY DALE CLASS] Then Transferred and Breach of Contract to: UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (Exhibit 2) assigned Case No. 1:09 cv 02151HHK (Judge: Henry H Kennedy) WITHOUT plaintiff’s permission and or any jurisdiction established by Defendants when they then moved this case from the Superior Court for the District of Columbia: Case No. 2009 CA 007868B Judge ALFRED S IRVING Jr.: to: the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: (Judge: Henry H Kennedy) Case No: 1:09 cv 02151 having known perfectly well this court had no Subject Matter Jurisdiction then began motioning the court for dismissal for lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Honest Service Fraud. There is another Tax Court in the District of Columbia and that being the U. S. Tax Court. Mr. Sanders chose to fraud these court(s) and motion for dismissal based on lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction. The term “State Court: also includes the Superior Court of the District of Columbia: Yet Defendants used this as an excuse to remove this case from the Superior Court for the District of Columbia: Intentional Fraud upon Plaintiff(s) and Courts. This court failed to address this issue. Plaintiff(s) are aware of the Bankruptcy Act as characters defined above. All cases fall under the Bankruptcy and as Creditors/Beneficiaries we Demand Pay Forward on this Debt: NOW.

Plaintiff’s David-Lee; Buess and Rodney-Dale; Class PAG;s filed this case as TAX FRAUD: Due Process Violation: and other criminal acts by the trustees: and Receivers of the Bankruptcy which involve the bankruptcy Act of 1933. Remedy: The FED and IRS are to pay forward to the Creditors/Beneficiaries of the Federal Zone and union States (50) as all lawful money was stolen from us. Prove that David-Lee; Buess and Rodney-Dale Class Plaintiff’s ever received notification of this Courts Decision of September 2, 2010. Rodney-Dale; Class PAG and David-Lee; Buess have agreed that neither of us received such notification.

3) Judge Kennedy failed to lawfully respond to a 9-page questionnaire relating to his Fiduciary Responsibility in this matter. Attorney CHRISTOPHER W. SANDERS/Defendants failed to lawfully respond to or make objections to any injury claimed under RICO: Honest Service Fraud: Title 50 TWEA War Crimes: Hate Crimes: Constitutional Violations. This court is dismissing based on issues under rule 60 and fail to address the issues under rule 50: Honest Service Fraud: Several U.S Code Sections: And those Sir are claims.

4) Defendants have failed to address any of these issues merely moved for dismissal by a court of non-subject matter jurisdiction. Under the bankruptcy act of 1933 as all offices: officers: departments were turned over to the receivers the LEGISLATIVE: EXECUTIVE: AND JUDICIAL BRANCHES of Government are running as a de facto government: in name only and all officers: offices and departments are imposters: including yourselves.

5) Both the IRS and Federal Reserve are non-government agencies: They are Corporations out of the State of Delaware. As Corporations the IRS: Collection Agency: have no lawful right to use the IRS code against anyone: They fall under Title 5 U.S.C. Collections Agency: IE TAX FRAUD: FRAUD IN THE INDUCEMENT: CRIMINAL FRAUD: CIVIL FRAUD: HONEST SERVICE FRAUD: CIVIL RICO: all tax districts were dissolved in late 1999 and all supervisors terminated. As a Corporation the IRS must register in each state: none exist lawfully in any union State (50): Show me their Charter(s) and Bond(s).

6) The Bankruptcy Act of 1933 terminated the Constitution thus your offices were terminated as well: BIG FRAUD or I call it TREASON as does our court case: you are de facto status: See Lawful Stitution. Your offices are now our offices.

7) The minute this court made an order it committed FRAUD against the Plaintiffs. As a SF95 Claim for Injury: Damage: Death was filed by David-Lee; Buess against the Judges: Kennedy and Irwin for fraud they have never lawfully responded. That is now due and payable. One more reason this court has reason to dismiss: Conflict of Interest: TREASON.

8) Corporations are unconstitutional as they were never part of the Constitution. A Democratic Government: Socialist/Communist established by the Receivers of the Bankruptcy: 16th American Jurist Prudence Section 177 “ any law written in violation of this Constitution is as though it were never written.” What is your excuse? This court is a corporation: the judges are corporations: and De Facto: the plaintiff(s) are Citizens of a union States (50): Men of the living Creator: of Royal Blood: not U.S. citizens those of the Federal Zone A Political Jurisdiction: residence of a territory held by the De Facto Government: Guam: Puerto Rico: Virgin Islands: Washington, DC. Al Et Al. Should you not know the laws then you are as incompetent: you are fired.

Why is the BAR a Closed Shop? Where is your competition? Is this the Corporate Fiction [UNITED STATES: BRITON: BRITIAN]? Why are we practicing English Law Here in the [UNITED STATES]? Why are the Persons of this Nation forced to endure law from a foreign state. The Lawful Stitution presented to this court makes the corrections and you are now under the Supreme Jurisdiction/Venue of the Great Turtle Island: Creditors/Beneficiaries. This matter is not dismissed and you will allow all paperwork “without leave of court” by plaintiffs.

The filings using the name Judge Reginald J Routson is Fraud BY this Court: Judge: REGINALD J ROUTSON is the incorporation from which Judge ROUTSON is operating. The United States is also UNITED STATES the corporation. Intentional Misuse of terms is also fraud upon the plaintiffs thus a void order. As Henry H Kennedy is also a corporation his name should also be in the all caps form: Fraud in the Inducement. As the UNITED STATES is a Corporation (See IRS Code) only the Corporation’s CEO is allowed to respond to the action. And as the Corporation is operating as de facto the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE does not respond for “name only” entity: no power of attorney exists: Misuse of Public Funds.

Silence As Consent Is Value Forward As Value Accepted: Ban Men/Women Removed.

Sincerely Yours:

Sir: David-Lee; Buess
Office of Corrections For the Supreme Jurisdiction/Venue of the Great Turtle Island.)
Any Questions: 1 204 282 0719 Canada

CC: United States Supreme Court:

P.O. BOX 888
WASHINGTON, D.C. 20044))

5 March 2011 Letter to Joint Chiefs of Staff
Senator Rob Portman: OHIO
United States Supreme Court
15 February 2011: United States Supreme Court
25 February 2011: Letter to Senator: SHERROD BROWN: OHIO))

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